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15.08.2019 Feature Article

Ghana's Government Must Drop Idea Of Building A So-Called 'World-Class Budget Hotel' - It Makes No Sense

Ghana's Government Must Drop Idea Of Building A So-Called 'World-Class Budget Hotel' - It Makes No Sense
LISTEN AUG 15, 2019

I was flabbergasted to hear recently that some high-level government official, was apparently proposing that because Ghana does not have a 'world-class budget hotel', the state would partner the Ghana Civil Aviation Authority (GCAA), to build one at the Airport City enclave in Accra. Amazing. Do our leaders never learn from past mistakes?

The question is: What is a government that says it believes the private-sector ought to be the engine of growth for our national economy, doing contemplating building a 'world-class budget hotel'? Why do our elected leaders not rather opt to give the private-sector suitable tax incentives to attract investors to build 'world-class budget hotels' across Ghana, instead? Ebeeii, Oman Ghana - oyeasem o.

Do our vampire-élites never stop scheming to enable them successfully rip Mother Ghana off, in endless asset-stripping privatization deals - involving the divestiture of deliberately run-down state-owned enterprises? Haaba. As sure as day follows night if that so-called 'world-class budget hotel' is ever built, it will become a financial basket-case in a few years, and will eventually be handed over to 'strategic investors' fronting for some of those then in power, to 'manage' for their own private benefit, at taxpayers' expense .

Hotel room rates are high in Ghana, simply because hoteliers are burdened with sundry levies and taxes. If that egregious impediments-to-profitability are removed, hotel room rates will fall swiftly, nationwide. Simple. That is not rocket science is it? Haaba. Those elected to govern our country well must stop dreaming of building a 'world-class budget hotel' at Accra's Airport City enclave, in partnership with the GCAA. It is a project that does not make any sense. Haaba.

Kofi Thompson
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