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15.08.2019 General News

2019 Eid-ul-Adha: TUDEC Fetes Thousands Of Ghanaians

By Eric Joe Ayivi
2019 Eid-ul-Adha: TUDEC Fetes Thousands Of Ghanaians
LISTEN AUG 15, 2019

TUDEC has marked this year’s eid-ul-adha celebrations with thousands of Ghanaians in line with their cooperate social responsibility. The association slaughtered about One Hundred cattle and distributed to about 1400 families mainly the underprivileged.

Speaking to the media on this gesture, the director of TUDEC, Mr Yusuf Temizkan indicated that the gesture was in line with the principles governing the eid celebrations. He indicated that during eid Adha, Muslims across the globe show compassion and good neighborliness. TUDEC as an association, according to Mr Yusuf is built on the principle of love and tolerance, peace and order which are all embodied in compassion and good neighborliness.

Each year TUDEC participates in eid adha celebrations by sharing meat to Ghanaians irrespective of their tribe, religion or lineage. This year, the meat sharing ceremony was done in Accra, Tamale and Kumasi.

Some of the recipients of the meat expressed their utmost gratitude for TUDEC on the gesture. A recipient who has received the meat in five consecutive years indicated that TUDEC has being the pillar behind their smiles yearly.

TUDEC is an association of Ghanaians and Turks who have come together to exchange business ideas, work towards peaceful coexistence and inter cultural tolerance.

Over the years, the association has engaged in various humanitarian activities to ensure peaceful coexistence among Ghanaians including the peace awards and iftar dinner each Ramadan.