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15.08.2019 Health

GHS, Korea Telecom Introduce Global Epidemic Mobile App

By News Desk
GHS, Korea Telecom Introduce Global Epidemic Mobile App
LISTEN AUG 15, 2019

The Ghana Health Service (GHS) in collaboration with Korea Telecom, an ICT Technology company, has launched a Global Epidemic Prevention mobile app, which will give the government the ability to readily detect infectious diseases within the country.

The App will not only alert the Ghana Health Service of threats but will also alert its users to be aware of potential infections and provide information on the nearest health centre.

Speaking at the launch, Director General of the Ghana Health Service, Dr Anthony Nsiah-Asare, said the App will strengthen the government's disease surveillance capacity.

“The introduction of the Global Epidemic Prevention Platform (GEPP) mobile app is further improvement in our surveillance system to early detect highly infectious pathogens at our borders and within the country. The sole objective of the information collected, therefore, shall be used to build a strong national public health system that is able to maintain active surveillance of disease and public health events, so that we can rapidly investigate reports and access public risk,” he said.

The Global Epidemic Prevention Platform simultaneously operates by informing the Ghana Health Service of app users who travel to epidemic-prone countries by pushing app messages on disease information and preventive measures to its app users for pre-response during their stay in the concerned areas.

The implementation of GEPP will be executed based on the Memorandum of Understanding signed by bilateral parties — Korea Telecom and Ghana Health Service. Key Functions of GEPP

  1. To alert app users to be aware of potential infection
  2. 2. To provide app users with nearest hospital information
  3. To report their symptoms to the health authority
  4. To give tools for digitizing health declaration form(in case of foreigners)