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15.08.2019 General News

Youth Explosion 2019 Ends

By Raissa Sambou
Youth Explosion 2019 Ends
LISTEN AUG 15, 2019

A five day programme, aimed at inculcating the spirit of the extraordinary into the youth has ended with a call on Ghanaians to remain steadfast in the Lord.

Dubbed ‘Youth Explosion 2019’, the event was organised by Bless Chapel International (BCI), Galilea, Kasoa on the theme ‘Walking in the Supernatural.’

It brought together the youth ministry of the church and several other residents of Kasoa.

General Overseer of the church, Prophet Jerry A. Wise delivering his sermon encouraged the youth to be daring and always remember that when the hand of the almighty was on a person, the impossibility becomes possible.

He also mentioned that it was very important for Christians to remain faithful to God and not be dismayed whenever they found themselves in helpless situations.

The youth pastor of BCI, Maxwell Attigo in his submission urged the youth to promote righteousness wherever they found themselves and desist from undermining their capabilities.

“As children of God we are born to do exploits so do not underrate the power you have, you can excel wherever you find yourself because of the God factor in you so keep living to please God,” he advised.

He explained that light and darkness could never be in the same place at the same time so Christians, especially the youth must know where they belonged by focusing on walking in the supernatural.

Pastor Maxwell was of the view that being obedient to the voice of God attracted unquantifiable blessings, adding that when others were complaining about challenges of life, individuals who loved God would be testifying about the power of the Lord being manifested in their lives.