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14.08.2019 Opinion

Free SHS Is Beneficial To Our Ancestors, The Living And The Yet Unborn

By Emmanuel Graham Nyamekeh
Free SHS Is Beneficial To Our Ancestors, The Living And The Yet Unborn
LISTEN AUG 14, 2019


Whoever says that the introduction of Free SHS in Ghana is burdensome to the country is lying and the truth is not in that person’s mouth. In fact, the burden on Ghanaian parents reduced with the implementation of this policy. Those of you who are against the policy are simply enemies of generational progress.

Notwithstanding the few challenges that face us as a nation with regard to the implementation of the free SHS, which can be solved when all come on board, the free SHS policy is good and beneficial to all Ghanaians, ancestors, the living and the yet unborn.

When one talk of a developed country one will among other things make mention of the level of people’s education. If Ghana will be numbered among the developed countries, then the number of citizens educated is great. Again, one cannot talk about development without thinking about education. Education brings about development. Thanks to the Nana Addo for implementing this policy.

Should we sit and lash this good policy and then do our very best to end it, let’s bear in mind that we have closed the future of Ghana and millions of children unborn. If everyone one acquired a certain level of education, say at least SHS level, Ghana wouldn’t be as dirty as we are seeing and smelling it now. Let’s get our children educated and build our nation.

Count the number of wards entering SHS since it was made free. This must tell us that a good number of children are getting educated. Won’t this be of the interest and good of our country and our children?

Let’s bury our selfishness and look into the future and think future for the free SHS policy is good.

Yes! Surely, we will face challenges but the challenges must not be masks to deter us as a nation from achieving our goal. “Robbing Peter to pay Paul”, as some are saying making reference to the increment in tax. Let’s ask ourselves if UK could have survived without making money through taxes? Unless the country makes revenue from taxpayers, there won’t be money for national development. Pay your tax today and lay-off some of the nation’s burden.

Finding solutions to the problems face the Free SHS program: instead of finding solutions to the problems we only join hands with the problems and double them with criticisms. It is about time those so-called big Ghanaians needed to outdo that childish attitude of criticisms and embraced thinking to solve problems.

Free SHS policy is good and it is staying.

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