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13.08.2019 Rejoinder

RE: NDC Former Vice Chair, Two Others Join NPP In Walewale Constituency Of North East Region

By News Desk
RE: NDC Former Vice Chair, Two Others Join NPP In Walewale Constituency Of North East Region
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The attention of the National Democratic Congress in the Walewale constituency has been drawn to a news item on social media which is sourced from to the effect that NDC former Vice Chair and two other activists have defected to the New Patriotic Party in the constituency.

Whilst we in the NDC do not have any qualms about the unwise and unfortunate decision taken by the said former constituency executive, we are however taken aback by the desperate twist ofthe issue by the shameful NPP. Why would the NPP resurrect a dead matter such as this one year after the so-called defection? These desperate and outmoded political gimmicks by the NPP are signs of a struggling and limping ruling government that has no meaningful achievement to talk about or point to in the constituency despite the fact that the sitting Vice President is from this constituency. The NDC in Walewale constituency has since moved on and we are stronger than ever and we are very poised to wrestle the seat from the substandard NPP MP and the clueless President Nana Akufo Addo come 2020.

We want to state emphatically without any scintilla of regret that, the unwise decision by the former executive and his two associates to join the NPP was as a result of his defeat in last year's executive elections, and his subsequent engagements in various forms of misconducts, which ruined his own credibility in the constituency, contrary to what is being put out there as the reasons.

We in the NDC rather feel very pity for them, that a meagre Ghc500.00 could be used as bait to get them discredit themselves this way. We are reliably aware that despite all that were promised them in the immediate aftermath of such uninformed move to cross carpet about a year ago, they have been denied access to Dr Bawumia, in whose name they heavily relied on, this is because the NPP doesn’t even trust them, besides their own npp members in the constituency are still struggling too.

It will interest the public to note that, this same former vice chair benefited greatly from the NDC party more than anybody in the constituency while NDC was in power through the numerous contracts he executed. The only thing that could have motivated his recent move to cross carpet can only be attributed to excessive greedy and nothing else. Having realized that excessive greed has no place in the NDC, they have decided to join the family, friends, in-laws and ‘baby mamas’ government under Nana Akufo Addo-Bawumia where cronyism, nepotism and clannism are the order of day with everyone grabbing left -right and centre.

Due to current unbearable hardships and the litany of unfulfilled promises, hundreds of people including diehard members of the NPP have alread joined the NDC while some are still ready join the only visionary party NDC to drum home the better change agenda ahead of the 2020 elections.

The NPP led by Sulley Sambian can keep running to the media with names of their supposed defectors. We in NDC are focused and resolute, with our eyes on the ball. Perhaps, this style is the new gimmicks to water down the pressure on their corrupt and non-performing government from their own party foot-soldiers who are increasingly getting disappointed in the crass incompetence exhibited by the Akufo Addo-Bawumiagovernment contrary to the mouth watery promises they made prior to the 2016 elections.

In the eyes of the public and NDC as well, these trio have no credibility and integrity left in them, they have soiled themselves so badly that, their continuous stay in the NDC party would have exposed the image of NDC to unbearable public ridicule. We wish them in their unending struggle to be truly accepted and recognized in their new home.

Now to Lawyer Sulley Sambian, you still have a lot of questions begging for answers in the aftermath of your shambolic meet the press. We will indulge you to channel your energy and money you so acquired through questionable sources, into answering those questions and stop the desperation to impress your paymasters.

The NDC has taken very important steps towards working with a common voice and a common purpose aims at capturing power and possibly restoring Ghana's lost glory as the Beacon of Africa Hope.

Indeed, the power we so yearn for, is achievable and we are on course.



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