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13.02.2006 General News

Criminalize Lesbianism & Sodomy - Bishop

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The head of the Prince of Peace Mission in Ghana, Bishop Frank Love, has appealed to Parliament to enact a law to ban sodomy and lesbianism in the country.

In a statement, Bishop Love suggested that the practices should be criminalised to deter people, especially the youth, from indulging in them.

He said the two practices were unacceptable in the country's tradition and culture, adding that it was an abomination in religious circles for a man to have sex with another man or for a woman to have sex with her fellow woman.

"In the traditional set up, homosexual marriages are not recognised. They are an abomination before God", he stressed.

Bishop Love said in the Christian and Islamic beliefs, God did not approve of such acts and contended that those two "social evils" have contributed to the increase in HIV/AIDS infections.

"In order to make the billions of cedis that the government and non-governmental organisations (NGOs) were investing in the control of HIV/AIDS meaningful, I suggest that Parliament should, with immediate effect, come up with a legislation to stop the practice in Ghana. This can be done if a stiff law is enacted against the practice", he said.

According to Bishop Love, if such a law was made and publicised, foreigners who came into the country with the aim of practising homosexualism would reconsider their plan.

He said in the case of those who practised sodomy, having anal sex could cause infections just as lesbians were also at risk of infections.

He expressed the hope that Parliament would give the issue a serious thought and act accordingly