Should Only Companies That Can Transform The ECG Into A Rooftop Solar Power Giant  Be Allowed To Bid To Manage It?

Feature Article Should Only Companies That Can Transform The ECG Into A Rooftop Solar Power Giant Be Allowed To Bid To Manage It?
AUG 12, 2019 LISTEN

The far-sighted British billionaire entrepreneur, Sanjay Gupta, recently bought a majority stake in Adelaide-based Zen Energy. Apparently, his objective is to leverage local know-how for an ambitious plan to "use renewable energy for a significant portion of the energy required to run his Whyalla steelworks", to quote Simon Holmes à Court, senior advisor to the Energy Transition Hub at Melbourne University (twitter @simonahac).

As we speak, major industries in Australia, such as breweries and steel manufacturers, aim to power their plants with renewable energy, for cost-reduction reasons, in order to enable them to remain competitive. That is why one's prayer, is that Ghana's power sector's professionals will look critically at what is happening in Australia's power sector, as it transitions towards a future when it is powered by 100 percent renewable energy, and draw inspiration from that.

They must aim to replicate that new power-sector thinking, which is focused on renewables, here, too. That is the only way we can ever end up with truly affordable electricity prices for both residential and business users. Doubting Thomases should talk to Kasapreko's brilliant MD, Richard Adjei - whose bottling plant off the Spintext Road is powered by solar energy.

Finally, in light of all the above, should it not be the case that only private-sector entities that can transform the Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG) into a rooftop solar power giant (that uses the unique Yingli Namene West Africa/CrossBoundary Energy business model, leveraged by Kasapreko), can bid to manage the ECG? That way, in addition to distributing power for Ghana's power generating companies, it will also be a major renewable energy company in its own right. Hmmm, Oman Ghana eye asem oooo.