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10.08.2019 Poem

The Tale Of The Unrecognized Hero With The Microphone!

By Samuel Saah Karimu, Jr.
The Tale Of The Unrecognized Hero With The Microphone!
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Promptly in the first of the day, comes an unrecognized hero
Behind the microphone, airing the voice of a brave soldier
Always and everyday the man must face the microphone
Evening and night, the airwaves must convey the voice of this injured soldier
In his own world, he bears the strain of the news
Rain or sunshine, the amplifier is never betrayed by the hero
He genuinely merits a standing ovation for storming and norming the microphone
Right hand salute to the warrior of the news!

It's on his golden platform, society connects the way
In his voice, we find hope and light the pathway
He conquers the tempest, risking his life and happiness to break the news
Needless the pains he endured, he must face the news
How his job is credited, beats my imagination!
When he takes a soft position, he's cheered out loudly
When he takes a strong position, he's lashed out badly
His job drives me crazy for the yarn he stomach to unveil the news

With all these, he faces his own share beyond the microphone
As the pains not sufficient to bills, he must face the realities of the day
For the most part, against his little income, he must settle his bills with the same society he risks his life and family in airing the news
On his loud amplifier, he birth, rebrands and stamps the honorable with fame
But a dollar short in bill, the same honorable returns the favor with shame
His life past the microphone, is the mystery of the day!
All he asks for is none, but a fair credit for the job he does with the microphone
Indeed, that brave soldier behind the microphone is the unrecognized hero of the day!