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10.08.2019 General News

International Youth Day Celebration-Focusing on Youth Empowerment

By Jessey Kuntu Blankson
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As today marks International Youth Day,I have been thinking of how the Youth of Ghana had contributed to the nation's pace of socio-economic development . Socio-ecomic development refers to the social and economic development in a society. The indicators within the social economic development includes the level of development,freedom of media,the literacy rate etc.The involvement and participation of the youth in debate,forums, etc cannot be given be candoned.

As the country marks and celebrate" The International Youth Day",what are the roadmap to empower our able youth to take up leadership roles and responsibility.

On the 12th of August 2016,Ghana joined the world to celebrate the International Youth Day in Koforidua in the Eastern Region.

The programme, which was under the theme; ‘The Road to 2030; Eradicating Poverty and Achieving sustainable Production and Consumption” attracted people, especially the youth from various part of the country.

The youth are confronted with teething challenges such as access to quality education, unemployment, and negative effect of urbanization, growing incidence of conflicts, inadequate mentoring opportunities, hunger and vulnerabilities.

Looking at the level of unemployment ,what are the measures being put in place to address this menace.

There is no debate about how the NPP government is working very hard to solve the unemployment problem in Ghana.Nana Addo and his government had done well by introducing some interventions and programmes that will help solve unemployment within the country.This Interventionist include,Nation Builders Corpse,One -district- one factory, etc

There is the need for the government to look at skills matching market demand. Every youth should have some level of skills and not only depend on the formal education training.

.This as envisaged could help in the eradication of poverty and achieve sustainable production and consumption.

This would also prevent the youth from seeking greener pastures elsewhere, precisely when they face humanitarian abuses on the desert and ocean.

Their skills should match market demand by creating a friendly, enabling environment.There is the need also to invest and provide more job opportunities for our energetic youth.

This should be our priority...