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09.08.2019 Article

American ‘Friendship’ With Africa

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Recently the leadership of the United States of America made considerable active efforts to consolidate its influence in Africa with the purpose of weakening the states of the region’s cooperation in various spheres. Working visits of the officials, businessmen and representatives of NGO became frequent. Numerous "favorable" contracts and agreements are offered. Various grants are allocated under the pretext of assistance. Humanitarian actions are carried out. Behind all of this there is especially practical, most often an economic interest.

In the beginning of the 20th century during the World War I Americans developed very convenient strategy: "While the others are at war, we grow rich". This principle allowed the US to become the world financial leader following the results of the World War II. Therewith the recognition of dollar as global reserve currency gave to the US government the actual power over other states.

Even today, the basic principle remains the same. None of Trump's team and his predecessors as well are interested in actual living conditions of a simple African man. What he and his children will eat tomorrow. The way he will earn his living, receive treatment, etc. The main task for the US is to receive profit and access to natural resources. By any means!

In other to achieve this, the easiest way is to make the African nations loyal to the United States. With it purpose "color revolutions "are organized. Unwanted government are overthrown. The leaders capable to really advocate the national and regional interests are liquidated. Sanctions are imposed on objectionable politicians. Meetings and trainings of opposition are organized at the territory of the US. All the above-mentioned tactics used in Iraq, Libya, Syria and Ukraine.

In the case of fault the international organizations are connected. From the tribune of the UN the US envoys start calling the world community to recognize terrorist or inhumane the discordant government (as it was in Iraq and Syria), substituting concepts and twisting the truth. They then insist on deploying the military contingent in the territories of sovereign state. As a rule, Washington does not even need an approval from the organizations guaranteed by international law.

For better result, the US finances an opposition. Further they accused duly elected leaders of illegitimacy and demand from him to hand over power to another person. Similarly, the USA distributed through its embassy in Uganda the statements condemning actions of legitimate authority that seeks to prevent confusion in the country. They consequently transfer hundreds of thousands of dollars into accounts of opposition politicians on various pretexts through non-governmental organizations that actually is intervening in internal affairs of the sovereign state. When it does not work, the US start seeking the armed means supposedly to help "the oppressed people" just as can be seen happening in Venezuela today.

All options are surely supported with economic sanctions! All the more the whole world pays off in dollars.

Though it is an aggressive way, It is possible to work on the quiet with less resolute states. It's better to "feed" them various interest-free credits, packages of financial aid, promises of investments into national economy, gratuitous deliveries of arms, training programs, delivery of health care, etc.

We must, however, never forget that Americans do nothing for free. Sooner or later Washington will demand or request from countries that benefited from their services, access to natural resources, refusal of foreign policy sovereignty, support of initiatives of the international organizations or permission of presence of the US military in the territory of the said sovereign state. The US started attempts under the pretext to place objects of AFRIKOM directly in Africa long time ago.

For example, in March and April, 2019 the representatives of State Department visited a number of the countries of the Central and Western Africa. In the negotiations, they demanded that any cooperation with China and Russia be stopped. Of course, they believed the dependent government should not have the right to independent decision-making.

The US can create and regulate artificial armed conflicts and the centers of intensity in areas rich in raw materials. They can destroy states but assure the world of safety in the region, as it was in Libya and Egypt. Then Americans can provide help to loyal or refuse aid to rebellious ones. For example, in the current year financing of the anti-terrorist activity in Somalia which is carried out under the auspices of the UN has been reduced by 50%. The US uses the escalation of the armed oppositions as a reason for military intervention and a justification of the unreasonable budget of the Defense ministries in these countries

There are in fact several other options of actions. Hardly can one immediately see the true purposes of Washington’s aims at first sight. Since the 18th century, the US view on African states has remained the same. Americans believe that Africa is a big continent rich with human and natural resources which have very advantageous geostrategic position. And all of this has to be used for the benefit of "the ordinary American".

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