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08.08.2019 General News

V/R: 135 NABCO Co-ordinators Trained For Digital Property Addressing System

By Faisel Abdul-Iddrisu
V/R: 135 NABCO Co-ordinators Trained For Digital Property Addressing System
LISTEN AUG 8, 2019

Some 135 persons including District Co-ordinators, Research and Training Corps and Technical/Planning Officers of the Nation Builders Corps (NABCO), in the Volta/Oti regions have been taken through a training process to equip them ahead of the launch of the National Digital Property Addressing System to be done by the government on Thursday.

The trainees who were selected from 25 operational districts of NABCO in the Volta/Oti Regions are expected to facilitate the training of members of the Civic Corps in the various Districts, towards the commencement of the project.

The Civic Corps is expected to go round and collect data, including the digital address, street name and house numbers of homes and properties in the various Districts, to enable a comprehensive

digitizing and tagging of such properties.

According to Miss Vera Dankwa, Date and Placement Officer, from the national head office of NABCO, the project is expected to capture about 4 million houses.

"We are aiming to capture 4 million houses; so for the 4 million houses we would have to tag each home with its address -the house number, the digital address and the street name on the house or building," she noted.

She disclosed that the project is meant to create a system of easy identification and location of places in the various districts across the country.

"The main purpose for this project is to digitize the whole country, to enable the easy identification and location of places, most especially in times of emergency, online shopping, and this would be done by logging the digital address code of the properties into the Google map."

She said the National Digital Property Address system and the GSP are almost the same, so the digital addresses to be generated by the Civic Corps for the would-be compared to the GPS addresses created by households for rectification.

Members of the Civic Corps would receive a monthly stipend as due to all NABCO beneficiaries across the nation.

By: Faisal Abdul-Iddrisu | [email protected]