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11.02.2006 General News

Man living on tree for three months.

By Mirror
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...Authorities consider the use of force to bring him down man A middle-aged man believed to be under a spell which has confined him to a life up on a tree for three months now has become the centre of attraction for many residents in Accra.

The man known as Kworshie, has refused to climb down from the tree.

Shouts from concerned members of the public urging him to come down from the tree only drive him to climb even higher into the branches.

Now the authorities say they are prepared to use force to bring him down.

The man clothed in modern apparel is comfortably perched on top of the tree totally oblivious of the crowd beneath him.

Three loaves of bread and a water bottle hang loosely on a branch close to him – a sign clearly showing his determination to remain up on the tree.

Eye witnesses say he threatened to kill himself once when an attempt was made to get him down.

For those who could, all they asked for was some spiritual intervention for Kworshie whose predicament started after his sister allegedly cast a spell on him after a dispute over how a thirty-million-cedi lottery korshie won two years ago should be spent.

Interestingly enough Kworshie's chosen residence is close to a prominent religious edifice, the Holy Trinity Cathedral.

Also a few yards away is Accra's Premier Psychiatric Hospital.

Still, pleas from officials at the cathedral for him to end the suspense yielded no response from him.

Meanwhile officials of the Psychiatric hospital say they are also ready to give Kworshie medical attention if his family can bring him down.

The Adablaka Police also say they will soon be mobilizing some men to get Kworshie down from the tree.

But until then Kworshie will certainly live on this tall nim tree for some time more.