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07.08.2019 Feature Article

10 Things The Youth Must Truly Know About The Covenant-Breaking Akufo Addo Govt!!!

10 Things The Youth Must Truly Know About The Covenant-Breaking Akufo Addo Govt!!!
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The National Youth Organizer of the New Patriotic Party [NPP] has in an attempt to hoodwink unsuspecting youths and others within the voting age bracket to the side of the clueless, inept and lying Akufo Addo regime has launched a series dubbed “The Youth Must Know”.

In response to what Henry Nana Boakye had launched and to let the Youth know what the reality within this 2,5 years is, there is a catalogue of issues; massive jobless-ness through banks collapse, excessive taxation leading to shut down of companies, vindictiveness, and dismissal of workers, available but juicy appointments only for Ex-girlfriends, in-laws, natives, families, friends.

Others are the reintroduction of the quota system into nursing and teacher training colleges, the abandonment of the massive hospital, school and other projects that will otherwise offer employment to nurses and other health workers, teachers and other Ghanaian job seekers, etc.

Below is the list of ten [10] things that the Youth must truly know about the ‘talk only,’ covenant-breaking Akufo Addo government;

  1. The Youth must know the Akufo Addo campaign had “Change: Agenda for jobs” as its theme for the 2016 Manifesto but got power and rather offering the youths unemployment and jobless-lessness. The government under its watch had about 9 commercial banks collapsed, out of which thousands of Ghanaians lost their jobs, resulting in loss of lives.
  2. The Youth must know that under the Akufo Addo government, all contract staff of National Investment Bank [NIB] were sacked, also in the process is 145 GCB staff who are awaiting their dismissal letters and to be replaced by a Flag Staff house list made up of families, friends and concubines which a staff of the Suhum branch of the Bank, Agnes Asampana couldn’t bear and ahead of time sadly committed suicide.
  3. The Youth must know the Akufo Addo government promised to move the Ghanaian economy from taxation to production to offer the youths jobs but is currently only moving it from taxation to more taxation, forcing some local companies to lay off workers because their business-related expenditures and taxes are becoming unbearable.
  4. The Youth must know the Akufo Addo government promised to offer jobs to the youths by completing and making operational 51 new factories by December 2017 and 60 new factories in 2018 but has not fulfilled same as there is no single new factory ready anywhere.
  5. The Youth must know the Akufo Addo government stopped the age-old practice of offering direct employment to newly-trained teachers, and for the first time forced them into national service, aside the one they do before completion of school.
  6. The Youth must know the Akufo Addo campaign promised not to appoint family and friends into government but when voted for has appointed Ex-girlfriends, In-laws, Natives, Families, Friends etc into government. At the last count, there are about 65 of the Presidents associates who are variously appointed.
  7. The Youth must know under the Akufo Addo government, investors into investment houses such as Gold Coast Fund Management and others alike have their investments locked up as a result of the fact that a chunk of those funds were invested into state/government’s projects for which government has refused to pay. Workers in the affected investments houses have also become jobless.
  8. The Youth must know the Akufo Addo government had only succeeded in re-introducing a quota system of admission into teacher and nursing trainee colleges with the restoration of the trainee allowances with no job assurances, as against the massive enrolment President John Mahama started with the introduction of student loan scheme after which the trained teachers and nurses have job guarantees.
  9. The Youth must know the Akufo Addo government promised to provide Ghanaians security in their homes and on the streets but rather presiding over assassination of Journalist – Ahmed Hussein Suale, raid of Modern Ghana offices and abduction of Editors for torture, threat of harm to Manasseh Awuni Azure, Edward Adeti etc, kidnappings – 3 kidnapped Takoradi girls, 2 Lebanese; one of which is Consular General for Estonia, 2 Canadians, an Indian among others.
  10. The NPP National Youth Organizer, Henry Nana Boakye himself has been declared as a sub-standard performer by Joy FM's “Newsfile” program.

Writer: Koku Mawuli Nanegbe

Koku Mawuli Nanegbe
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