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Creating Bespoke Flower Pots – A Eureka Moment Birthed At The Ghana Garden And Flower Show

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Creating Bespoke Flower Pots – A Eureka Moment Birthed At The Ghana Garden And Flower Show
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It’s almost that time of the year where flower enthusiasts gather to not only talk about flowers but to empower people to take up gardening as a serious business. It’s arguably the most exciting time of the year for garden and flower enthusiasts like myself.

The build up to this year’s event has started early as we have been inundated with stories of how the Show has positively impacted lives. One of such exciting stories is that of Supriya and Charlene. These two young, smart and beautiful women turned a situation where they could not get something they wanted so badly get into a business with much potential

Supriya is a Medical Doctor at the Korle Bu Teaching Hospital and Charlene is a professional photographer. What do they have in common? Flowers. Their love for flowers binds them together.

You can get a better sense of their personality by their favorite flowers. Take Supriya for instance, she loves hydrangeas because they are not “fussy” and have character. One look at her and you can totally understand why she loves white hydrangeas.

Charlene on the other hand comes across as a strong-willed lady. A persona that’s very characteristic of Sansivieras, her favorite plant. She loves them because they are resilient. By the nature of her job, Charlene travels a lot and Sansivieras do not need much care to survive, very much like the cactus, which happens to be my favorite plant.

Supriya and Charlene are avid patrons of the Ghana Garden and Flower Show. Supriya has been to every edition of Ghana’s biggest garden and flower Show since it began in 2013.Charlene on the other hand has been consistent with the Show for the past three years.

Something significant happened when they both visited the Show in 2018. Charlene got the eureka moment when she combed the entirety of the Efua Sutherland Park l looking for the perfect flower pot to house her new plant. She could not find that unique pot-nothing stood out for her. Here’s where the story gets exciting. Instead of buying just any pot, Charlene decided to innovate. She birthed the idea of making her own flower pots, not just ordinary flower pots but the kind that would stand out. Charlene reached out to her friend Supriya who she knew had an eye for décor and interior design. The two began discussing and researching into the idea. This is when the idea of making bespoke flower pots began to take shape.

Their company, Crete and Co makes unique flower pots and by unique, I mean no two flower pots made by them are the same. That’s what makes their new business even more exciting. Every pot has a unique colour, design and pattern. What’s more, clients can even pick their own size, colour, design and pattern. So you can get a pot that fits your tastes and preferences.

Even though Supriya and Charlene are still perfecting their business concept, business is already booming as the demand for their pots is on the increase. This clearly gives credence to the long held position of the Ghana Garden and Flower Movement on the enormous economic benefits of the garden and flower industry.

There is no denying the fact that flowers are quite expensive in Ghana. This is because most of the flowers on the market are imported and prices of imported goods are volatile as they are largely dependent on the performance of the unstable cedi. Imagine, however, if we grew enough flowers here in Ghana.

This would make them readily available, prices will reduce and many people outside a certain economic bracket will have access to nature’s beauty not to mention the numerous job opportunities that would be derived. It will be a win-win situation for everyone.

Flowers speak a universal language, they have the ability to communicate beauty to people from all walks of life. You do not need to be an expert to appreciate their beauty but you do need one thing to succeed in a business that involves flowers-the desire.

Just as Supriya and Charlene have shown us, there are business opportunities all around us. You have in your power to either turn a similar situation as they found themselves in into a business idea or conform. They were inspired to embark on this entrepreneurial journey at the 2018 Ghana Garden and Flower Show.It has not been an easy road for them as they both have to juggle between their busy schedules and making flower pots. Yes, they make the posts themselves, that’s the most exciting part of their story. They self-thought how to make bespoke flower pots.

There is a lesson to be learned here, if you can’t find what you want, just make it. If you are struggling to find some inspiration, just mark 29th August – 3rd September 2019 on your calendars. That’s when this year’s Ghana Garden and Flower Show is scheduled to take place. Who knows? Your next business idea could be waiting.