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10.02.2006 General News

Subvented Agencies Bill goes through second reading

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Accra, Feb. 10, GNA - Parliament on Friday took the Subvented Agencies Bill, which seeks to enhance the efficiency of subvented agencies with the view to improving service delivery and productivity, through a second reading.

Mr Paul Okoh, Chairman of the Committee on Employment, Social Welfare and State Enterprises, who seconded the motion for the second reading, said the bill "envisages the reduction of the dependence by public agencies on government subvention."

He said the committee noted with concern the heavy financial burden on government subvention with particular reference to emoluments of personnel. According to him, it was regrettable that some of these organisations had the capacity to develop become fully independent. "The Committee observed that the continued dependence on government subvention by such public agencies, especially when they could be independent was not only wasteful but also defeated the purpose of the very concept of the golden age of business," Mr Okoh added. Dr Paa Kwesi Ndoum, Minister of Public Sector Reforms, who moved the motion for the second reading, said there was the need for the restructuring of public sector institutions to reduce the dependency of public funds so that these funds could be set aside for growth and development.

Miss Hilda Addoh, NPP-Kwadaso, in her contributions, said subvented agencies with the capacities to develop and make profit should be encouraged to do so. 10 Feb. 06

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