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10.02.2006 General News

Minority committed to growth of Ghana's democracy

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Accra, Feb. 10, GNA - Mr John Tia, Minority Chief Whip on Friday said the Minority's action to boycott Parliament was largely based on the interest they have for the nation and their commitment to ensure that Ghana's democracy is protected.

He said Ghana has had four successive elections, which demonstrate that democracy has come to stay, "and we would not allow it to be derailed by some people."

Mr Tia said this in an interview with the Ghana News Agency on the effect of the Minority's boycott of Parliament.

"We are only following what our constituents want us to do." The Majority should learn to listen to opposing views and be prepared to dialogue but if they do otherwise then such situation arise. "If the Minority raises issues, which are crystal clear, it must be debated, but you don't use your numbers to throw it out or ignore it with impunity and then go ahead to pass laws as if it was a general consensus of both sides of the House."

Mr Tia said the intransigent was what informed the Minority's action because they were not ready to listen to their (Minority) side of the story.

He said the boycott of the Minority is just one of the tools they are using to express their opposition to the Representation of the Peoples' (Amendment) Bill and the referral of Mr Doe Adjaho's law suit to the Privileges Committee of Parliament.

Mr Tia said when the New Patriotic Party (NPP) was in opposition, they walked out on so many occasions and even boycotted the 1992 parliamentary elections and stay away from Parliament for four years, which was a great disservice to the nation.

On whether they would return to the House very soon, Mr Tia said; "We expect them to make some overtures to enable us return but if they do not then we would take it to the appropriate limit."