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05.08.2019 Feature Article

Abena Tormentor

Abena Tormentor
LISTEN AUG 5, 2019

A legislative leader tormentor of a wayward executive; that is what is missing in the western brand democratic governance we have opted for. It is the tool for ensuring checks on an executive when it chooses to go astray. We missed that with the parliamentary system that allows the one who makes laws to, at the same time, implement those laws. It means fusion of the legislature and the executive. So minister parliamentarians come to parliament to make the law and quickly run to the executive to implement it.

Call her Ante Pelo, Eno Pelo, Ohemaa Pelo or Yaa Asantewaa Pelo she is still the woman rock who has been rocking a bully's boat. At 79, Ɔbaapanin Pelo is virtually an octogenarian with only some seven moons shy of four score years of age. Yet her vitality will pass for someone far less that age. I read somewhere about some young people who think that septuagenarians should leave government for the young.

Most likely, they've never heard 'bisa abrewa' (ask the old lady for wise counsel). Anyway, no problem dear youth. Your wish can easily be granted. Just remember we just had the only ɔmanpanin born in Ghana (all others Gold Coasters) run the motherland down and aground in a way no septuagenarian would have dared to and gotten away with.

Eno Pelo has to deal with one whose own appointees and others have described expletively and variously as 'idiot,' 'foolish,' 'heartless,' 'moron,' 'racist moron;' and the one I never heard before, 'dotard'. Someone even said to him 'better to have a few rats than to be one. 'He's none other than Mr he the tariff in all shades and manners. Hers, though, in still picture and in video, was the priceless iconic clap, a push away clap that said 'away with everything you are saying.'

Meara ankasa me Maame Abena (Tuesday born) Pelo, with all her abadae (compassion), is a strict disciplinarian who also cares compassionately for the wellbeing of whoever is in her care. She is in no way a pushover. She calculates, far distance ahead. You can see as others are shouting impeachment now, she wonders why not prison later. I bet she could be assessing why it cannot be both.

Pity the hybrid Westminster and government of the people system has deprived us of a tormentor who will check executive recklessness. A great 'needler,' her I 'want to see him in prison,' sent the man running berserk and acting wild. Insecure men call her type Aberewa bayifoɔ (old woman witch) forgetting the most lethally destructive in the realm of abayifoɔ (witches and wizards) is the male bayi bonsam (satanic wizard).

It is not all celebration, though. Whatever Ante Abena is, she is first and foremost an American, here for American interests. I read some reporting in which the reporter seemed to be confusing African command headquartered in Accra and at the same time headquartered in Italy. In fact, her mainly Republican leaders have op-mic called us 'slaves' (VP Rockefeller), 'monkeys' (Reagan) and the latest 'shithole' (Trump). It's ironic a British ambassador described the last as 'inept, insecure and incompetent,' and running a 'dysfunctional administration.' It's only that I relish women in power. I get excited watching men who have had all the power reeling under the control of a woman.

Eno Pelosi is no pushover. Says daughter of mom: 'She'll cut your head off and you won't even know you're bleeding … No one ever won betting against Nancy Pelosi.' I wish there had been time for her to meet some of our little girls for inspiration and advise them on how not to allow a bully to mess up your life. I am sure it would have been a lesson of massive and lasting impact. It's a colossal missed opportunity if that didn't happen. There's so much of achievement about her as an impeccable and priceless role model.

We have opted for the incestuous executive and parliament kind of fusion which has deprived us of our protection by parliament from executive iniquities. As a result, I am unsure we could learn from her experience in the legislature checking the executive on behalf of the people. With ministers as members of parliament I don't see how they, as parliamentarians will seek to protect themselves from themselves as the executive. I wish the distinguished guest was able to offer some advice on that.

If she were a 'matriot' of our motherland, some may want to call her Abena Tromentor for her heroic work in dealing with an ego bloated who likes to bully women. She would be Yaa Asantewaa in the act. I hope someone has already told her the story of she who stood firm against the British when the men were taking cover.

By Kwasi Ansu-Kyeremeh

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