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05.08.2019 General News

Pentecost Elder Descends On Prophet Badu Kobi

By Reindolf Amankwa
Pentecost Elder Descends On Prophet Badu Kobi
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An Elder of the Church of Pentecost, Elder Mensah, has condemned recent ethnocentric comments made by the Founder and Head Pastor of the Glorious Wave Chapel International, Prophet Badu Kobi.

He described his utterances as unnecessary and insensitive to the unity that Christians must preach about.

He said, "We may all hold certain perceptions about the character of the various ethnic groups in Ghana yet, how and where we express those opinions we hold could create tension". To avoid this, "we must try as much as possible to be very careful how, when and where we express our opinions especially as members of the body of Jesus Christ".

Citing scripture, Elder Mensah noted how a very great soldier like Naaman, regardless his social and military status as the Captain of the host of the King of Syria could suffer from leprosy according to the 2nd book of Kings the chapter 5. "All men have a BUT so we should not rejoice or undermine people because of the BUT in their lives" Elder Mensah reiterated.

He cautioned leaders and all Ghanaians to be cautious of the words they utter either in private or public space whilst also advising that Christians must eschew arrogance, greed, and vengeance. "I pray that we forgive and continue to pray for the spirit of God to reconcile that Prophet," he said.

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