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The Underground Man - Part 45

The Underground Man - Part 45
LISTEN AUG 3, 2019

"I cook for him and wash his laundry; I even clean the house all by myself. Only I do not enter his room that one is for him alone. Evenings sometimes we sit here on the couch and watch TV, but mostly he is in his room and does whatever he wants to do as there is also a small TV he can use", reported Monika Willers back to her daughter. It was that moment she noticed the alcohol in the house would not fill the air of the whole apartment. It seemed magical that it stayed only in his room. Puschel was about to jump up to her side to find a place for sleeping in the left corner of the couch.

"Lately I was thinking of Uncle Peter...", Anna looked into eyes scared to death. The face of her mother was freezed, her heart seemed to be at a dramatic standstill. She knew something was wrong but not able to explain why Monika Willers was moved in depression and sadness that much. A touch of black was to be seen under her eyes. Anna started to change the subject and bring her mother back to life by saying: „I have given addiction in many forms a great thought because of what I can observe here in your place next door", tried she to keep her voice low not to provoke any unnecessary opposition from a drunken man, „why it is not possible for many people to stop their addiction, be it alcohol or drugs like cocaine and Cannabis."

"It becomes a habit and to change a habit is so difficult. Look at me, how much weight I carry with me", laughed Monika Willers about herself. She was about to stop working soon and go into pension slowing down all her private activities as well. "

"My advice to you is, you that has worked all those years so hard and raise three kids all by yourself, no help from friends or family, not to stop working just like that but find yourself an activity that keeps you busy", tried Anna carefully to enter her mother´s mind finishing her ice-cream asking for another helping that was served fast to her. "Activity help you to keep mentally and physically fit and healthy."

"I know...I know...and I will do something, do not worry", was Monika Willers responding. "I will offer my time to the local church and see what I can do there!"

"Back to addiction", wanted Anna to finish the started topic, „as no one forces anyone to take to drugs or alcohol but it is by personal decision only, the same way it must be reversed to. I mean, only the mind, the decision is finally the right place to end addiction."

"Do not forget that the body is asking for alcohol more and more. Over time the body gets used to the certain doses given and when you want to feel more, you have to drink more. So, it is not as easy as you think as the body needs to be decoxigated...but even that it can happen that the body is asking and seeking again and again in moments you are faced with the drug or alcohol to go for it. So many people fall back into temptation and continue the cycle of healing and sickness."

"I have problems to share your thoughts", started Anna to explain her view of the argument, „as the question is and must be answered by anyone of you, how is the master in us, our body or our mind. For me it is very clear, the body is needed for us to move around, but it is our mind that directs our ways and makes our decisions. Therefore our mind is the master in our life and not the body. For that we must watch our mind very, very well, develop it as the source of our life, and make it our true master. When we have that mindset, whatever temptation we fall in, whatever sins we engage in, it is our trained mind, strong and so present that will lead us always out of any mess we find ourselves in. That is my true believe."

" and your thoughts that are so, so high up that I cannot really follow you", started Monika Willers her opposition to Anna, „but all I know is that Walter soon will get serious health issues and I do not know whether it will end his life. Maybe his kidney or liver eventually will fail and kill him. But all I know is that I cannot help him in his situation. I am not a doctor and even they have spoken to him over and over again. And you see...he is not changing."

Joe and Anna walked through Stadtpark a usual. Sunny day was what surrounded their mind. They were happy, nothing to fear, nothing to worry. Life is by grace of God, everything was and is justified in his name when stepping in his traces left behind on the way he was walking on earth. We do not need to be righteous, we are righteous as humans being born again. Wild Canadian ducks grassed enjoying the tender sweetness of the grass not yet cut. Wild grey rabbits jumping under bushes caring for their offspring. People in light summer clothes were pushing buggies or their bikes, sat by the pool at the playground near the main meadow.

Joe stopped, hands in his hips laughing: „You know what?"

Anna looked at him shaking her head.
"The problem of Africa can be solved from right now up to right now!"

Anna was confused:" What are you saying...explain yourself, please!"

"Africa does not need you people here. They can exist all by themselves," started Joe to lecture his friend leading her to the nearest bench to have a rest. "We have everything in Africa that we need for good living. Only the right mindset is absent...that is all."

Anna was begging him: "Oh please, Joe, you are speaking in riddles. Please give me more import so that I can understand you better."

"God has blessed Africa more than any other country in this world...abundantly...with more than we can chop. If our countries only would understand that producing everything is not the best idea but to specialize for certain products and services and cooperate among each other, I mean trade what the other country does not have...that would make us Africans independent form outside continents and outstanding in this world. Let me give you an example. In Ghana we produce the best cocoa beans in the world...right?"

"I guess so. When you say so", agreed Anna laughing knowing how proud Joe was of his country. Ghana for him was number one; only problem were the people living in the country messing up its glory.

"Ivory Coast and us we produce together around seventy percent of the world production of cocoa beans and all of West Africa around eighty to eighty five percent. For that reason we in West Africa, even Ivory Coast and Ghana alone can dominate the market of cocoa beans and related products like chocolate. We have the physical power to dictate our buyers, you people here in the developed world, our price we feel it right to get for this wonderful product, the only one in the world that makes through itself humans happy...right?"

"I guess so...if you say so!" responded Anna seeing small children playing with each other, black and white, European and Arabs happily together.

"The Arabs when the oil was discovered join hands forming the OPEC to create a balance for their interest, their crude oil. Oil can be subsidized by other forms of energy, chocolate cannot be replaced by other sweets. For that reason cocoa beans have an outstanding position in this world...period. Now when we Africans stop allowing the Whites to take our cocoa beans for an unbelievable shameful small price only to be send back to us as chocolate at a far too high is not your fault, but it is clearly the fault of our leaders, our countries. The crazy thing is that we do not unite as the big players in the market that had climbed their position to the top in the industry under colonial era with cocoa beans and still dominate like a Mafia the market. They use their influence to talk behind the scene to our leaders through their governments to leave the old existing system of cocoa bean trading in place. If our governments would come to their senses and not allow cocoa bean export at all or minimum for the start only half of our yearly production and force the Mafia bosses to produce in Ghana their products before exporting chocolate to their markets abroad, this would not only reduced drastically the price of chocolate for our consumers in Ghana but also here for you. Crazy about is that of course in the Western world you would lose jobs in the chocolate industry which puts pressure on MPs to work against it. In the end it all ends up that you as countries give us donor money, send your aid workers to Ghana so that we can survive more or less...of course not living as when you want us to live we one day will wake up, take our life and fortune into our own hands and start doing the right things. This would be to make our own people happy with chocolate products and in the process generate so much income for our country that Cocobord does not longer need to borrow money to buy beans from the farmers, pay interest to your banks here in Europe and enrich them. That money can well be used to restructure our economy and society to follow our Asian partner’s example and lift us up out of dependency from you people rather come to a point to dominate you White Men."

"But realistic!"
"Realistic? Explain yourself to me!"
"Do you honestly and really think the White Man would ever allow this to happen?" asked Anna while getting up walking around the Planetarium in which front yellow and red flowers in full blossom were planted.

"No...that is the problem. As mentioned again and again, this world is not that we escaped from the caves and fly to Mars, but which race to take dominion of the world, Black or White...simply truth...simple as that!"

"That is what I try to tell you!"
Joe said laughing with big shining light in his eyes:" The funny thing is you squeeze us on the aspect of the prices for our commodities, our cocoa beans and compensate it with handout in form of leans and aid support...while this is not needed."

"It seems to be needed!"
"Yes...but...but", started Joe to carefully select and place his words, „only for our Politicians! If our Politicians would do the right things in all aspects of our society...we would never need any handouts, rather give to countries in need. But as long all parties in all African countries chop and chop and chop again and again money they smell from end up in their pockets and we end up in the gutters of history...washed away!"

Anna challenged him by saying: „But, Joe, you have Democracy in all your African countries. So, why do you not use it and only vote for people that can help you instead of people that see how we here in the developed world live, copy us and avoid our many mistakes to be great and strong with might and a changed mind?

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