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02.08.2019 Opinion

NPP Has Gained Notoriety In Signing Dubious Agreements 

By Baba Musah Citizen Of Ghana
NPP Has Gained Notoriety In Signing Dubious Agreements 
LISTEN AUG 2, 2019

It’s said that “a leopard 🐆 can never shed its spots”. In the same way, “NPP's unquenchable appetite for signing dubious agreements that ultimately lead to the looting of state resources can never diminish*.

Ghanaians will recall that even during President Kuffuor’s first term precisely in 2002, Ghana was hit by unprecedented scandals i.e CNTCI $300m and IFC $1bn loans respectively.

These scandalous loans were cooked by Ex-President Kuffuor’s cabinet and hurriedly pushed through parliament.

The IFC scam was, for example, was rushed through parliament and got passed by majority votes of 102 against 83 votes in July 2002.

Typical of NPP, they used their majority in parliament to bulldoze their way through in spite of the wise counsel, warnings and strong protest from the then NDC minority in parliament led Hon Alban S. Bagbin.

Ironically, Mr. Osafo Marfo, the same Finance Minister who presided over these CNTCI & IFC scam loans, two years later (2004) was named as the best finance minister in Africa as the story was published in Wednesday edition of Daily Graphic October 6, 2004.

We all remember where the addresses of IFC & CNTCI were later traced to (Hairdressing Saloon).

Today, perhy in furtherance of a similar ‘looting scheme and template’, President Akufo Addo who was the then Attorney General at the time of these scandalous loans under Ex Present Kuffuor took place is the one in the saddle now as the commander-in-chief with his cousin Mr Ofori Atta (KenBond) as Finance Minister.

In what appears to many Ghanaians as a desperate capture of strategic state institutions by the Akyem mafias, under the supervision of the president,

Ghana’s strategic assets (ECG) worth about Ghc22 billion was ‘nicodemously’ handed to PDS, a Ponzi consortium of a sort owned by a certain barber and some other family cronies of President Akufo Addo.

The president surreptitiously managed to escape the wrath of Ghanaians in the past when similar scandals broke out in his government by either claiming that he was either UNAWARE or being MISLED.

If Agyarko was was axed for allegedly misleading the president as Ghanaians were told, now that emperor Akufo Addo and his cousin finance Minister KenBond Ofori Atta among others are all neck-deep in this latest PDS multibillion-dollar scam, then us citizens we expect nothing from the government than a block resignation starting with Akufo Addo and all those involved without any further delay.

Strangely, the government is rather showing gross insensitivity and disrespect to the good people of Ghana by rather demanding applauses from Ghanaians for what they termed as “extra due diligence” which they claimed led to the suspension of the agreement with PDS. In any serious democracy, by now the Finance Minister KenBond Ofori Atta and Mr Peter Amewu among others should have been fired after failing to voluntarily resign from their positions.

As a country that opted for multi party democracy, Ghanaians have a better opportunity and chance to tell the npp government led by Akufo Addo in 2020 that ‘enough is enough’. Ghanaians in 2016 did not spend their precious hours in voting queues to be served by this unprecedented incompetent npp govt. Ghanaians certainly deserve better not bitter lessons of leadership.

In 2020, Ghanaians (electorates) have the opportunity to safeguard our destinies, future and what our forebears bequeathed to us by bringing JM & NDC back to power. The alternative will be more disastrous than we experience now because of that will to mortgaging and auctioning our destinies and future of the unborn generations if Ghanaians fail to kick out Akufo Addo & NPP out of government.

Terrible things will happen in the most unlikely event that the NPP is not voted out in 2020 by Ghanaians.

In 2007/2008, Nana Kofi Coomson then Editor of Chronicle newspaper cautioned Ghanaians especially voters against ‘entertaining’ Akufo Addo as a president.

In 2016, Dr Nyaho Tamakloe a founding father of NPP also strongly cautioned Ghanaians against making Akufo Addo a president of Ghana, well, that caution, unfortunately, appeared to have been glossed over or not heeded to. Today every well-meaning Ghanaian is a witness to the mess we find ourselves in.


Baba Musah

Citizen of Ghana

[email protected]

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