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30.07.2019 Feature Article

Since God has given us the Presidency, let us enjoy it…

God has given this to us and we shall enjoy it...
LISTEN JUL 30, 2019
God has given this to us and we shall enjoy it...

It is God who gives and He is the one who takes. Without Him, nothing is possible. He is the one who chooses those He wants to rule over His people. And when He has anointed us to rule, we shall enjoy it to the fullest.

But, first of all, we shall show our gratitude to Him for selecting us to such an exalted position. It is not enough to attend a thanksgiving service in His honour. We should show proper gratitude by building monuments unto His name. And what better than a huge National Cathedral in our capital city where He will come and dwell amongst us forever?

Then we can start enjoying the position. Let us, first of all, not forget our family members and friends who stood by us in the trying times of the fight to gain God’s favour. Let us invite them to join us in governance. Let us give them all the top jobs in government. Those that are not qualified for office because they hold foreign passports can still join our kitchen cabinet and have our ears. We may call them advisors and they will be in our entourage on foreign travels. Let us also give many jobs to the people from our tribe. They have waited a long time for this and it is their time to enjoy now that God has given it to one of them. It is now their time to eat.

Those who worked for us are plentiful but the harvest itself is scanty. Let us create more ministries than any government has done in our country’s history. Then there will be enough jobs to go round all those who helped us. Let us give the plum diplomatic posts to our favourites and the lesser ones to their wives and their children and our former girlfriends. The senior positions in the public services and the ministries should go to our people in the party and in the tribe. Of course, many of these should be clandestine. It is not everything that should be open to the people who may not understand all the workings of the Lord.

Let us also contrive to sack the referee who supervised the last fight and let us put someone more to our liking in her place. Now that God has given this to us, we should do everything in our power to consolidate the gains.

God gave this to us and we should never forget the traditions from which we come. It is now their time to shine again. Let us change the names of some of our institutions to reflect this. Our work place shall be called The Jubilee House. That was the name we gave to it, when we built it. Why did the enemy take it away from us? Our biggest re-naming shall be that of our premier university. It should be named after one of us. What does it matter if it cannot be proven that he was the one who singularly initiated the drive to found the university? The people may not like it but we shall wear them down and convince them. God has given us the power to change these things.

We should endeavour to re-write our history to reflect our preferences. Our country was not founded by one person. It was the efforts of many including our own people. Let us put the apostrophe comma in the right place and call it a Founders’ Day. Let us also cancel some of the holidays that do not suit us. And let us re-name some of the old programmes so that they will look like new things we have started ourselves.

What about all those fantastic promises we made to the people? The heavenly father, who could see into the future, knew we would not be able to deliver on them all. Yet He chose us for this job. He knew we would not be able to transform the country in the first 18 months of our rule. He knew we would not be able to build a factory in every district or a dam in every village in the north and we would be hard put to it finding a million dollars for every constituency. Yet He gave this thing to us. He gave it to us! He must have His reasons why He gave this to us even though He knew we were over-promising and would under-deliver. But who are we to question the ways of the Almighty? All we can do is to receive and give thanks. And enjoy the benefits of His bounties.

The prestige that goes with the job is enormous. The people shall call us “His Excellency” even in unofficial situations. Our portraits will be in all government offices and at public places and the people will worship us like gods. School children will sing songs of praise unto us. We shall ride in long motorcades with the sirens blaring loud and the outriders pushing every other motorist from off the road for our sake. The people will stand by the road side and look at us in awe. We shall nod our heads in acknowledgement. And when we do this, we will do it all to the greater glory of God who appointed us to the position.

And in all the things that we do, let us never forget that the enemy is waiting at the gates. God gave them the papacy once and they enjoyed it like we are enjoying it now. Then God took it away from them and gave it to us. But the enemy has not forgotten the sweetness of God’s favour. They want to get it back. Let us make sure they do not take it away from us. We must brace ourselves for the next fight. The old promises we made to the people may not work again. Let us device new tricks. Let us prepare our flame-throwers and put our armed vigilantes on the ready. The battle is the Lord’s but Heaven helps those who help themselves. He will fight for us again but only if we are prepared to fight for ourselves.

When you have wanted something for a long time and you eventually get it, you sit down and enjoy it. So it is with the presidency too. Now that God has given it to us, let us enjoy it. And let us make sure nobody takes it away from us.

Kofi Amenyo ( [email protected] )

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