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08.02.2006 NDC News

Supporters of Adamafio in Odododiodoo resign from NDC

By Daily Graphic
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About one hundred supporters of the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) party in the Odododiodio constituency have announced their resignation from the party.

The supporters who describe themselves as friends of Nii Okaija Adamafio say there's no reason to continue serving the party after their role model quit.

The former interior minister and MP under the Rawlings regime left the party on Monday citing lack of internal democracy and the fact that all the programmes and policies of the party centred on the personality of former President J.J. Rawlings, which he said was not good for the party.

At news conference on Tuesday a spokesperson for the group, Isaac Georges Mensah said the group would join any political party Nii Okaija signs up to. Wearing red bands and dresses, the executives and the members, who were spotted in about six various groups singing war songs, chanted anti NDC slogans, including “No Okaija, no NDC”, “No Okaija, no vote in 2008”, “Jordan, you don't respect” and “JJ take your party”.

He was also the NDC MP for Odododiodoo from 1992 to 2000.

The resigned executives included Ms Eunice Laryea, Women's Organiser and Salaga Market branch chairperson, Mr George N. K. Phixon Owoo, Constituency Secretary, Mr Isaac George Mensah, Propaganda Secretary.

The demonstration gathered more people as the people marched through some streets in the constituency. Others who did not join the demonstration were seen with their red bands standing in groups, apparently discussing their next line of action.

Red bands were also seen tied to some trees and buildings in the area.

Later Ms Laryea said since most of them were introduced to the party by Mr Adamafio, they saw no reason why they should still be with the party after Nii Adamafio had left.

She said the party lacked internal democracy and also was not happy with the use of thugs to attack its own members, but said they decided to remain in it because of the assurance from Nii Adamafio that with time things would change.

Mr Owoo who claimed that he was a witness to the brutalities meted out to Ms Frances Asiam, former Women's Organiser of the party, at the party's congress in Koforidua, said he was fed up with the continuous lack of internal democracy in the party.

Ms Asiam who was also seen in red, said she heard of the mass resignation of the grassroot members of his former party and as “a social scientist and politician it was prudent for me to come and witness things for myself”.

She said the mass abandonment had also vindicated her resignation and proved to the world that the party was a cult with former President Rawlings as the leader who was sacrosanct.