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24.07.2019 Social News

Long live King Shatta Wale, he always knew it

Shatta your line are ready
Long live King Shatta Wale, he always knew it
LISTEN JUL 24, 2019

The local champion Shatta Wale has been featured on Beyoncé, ( the global icons) Lion King album. The movie remake of Lion King is dominating the box office worldwide. Shatta Wale who has been seen as a nonentity, trouble maker, who has been cheated in the Ghanaian music industry and seen as crazy, is now making it on the global scene. He has been featured in a article by Billboard and his song Already with Beyoncé is already a hit ! What's even more painful for his many haters is Shatta Wale is the only Ghanaian involved. And Beyoncé said she was looking for the best African artists to feature on the album. Therefore Beyoncé came looking for Shatta Wale. The song fits Shatta Wale perfectly. He has always been a King in the music industry and he's always known it. I guess Beyoncé has also seen it.

"[Post-Chorus: Beyoncé]
Long live the king, you a king, you know it
King already, my baby, you know it
Top everything, everything, you know it
King already, already, you know it
Shine already, it's time already
The line already, it's time already
Shine already, it's time already
The line already, it's time already
[Refrain: Shatta Wale with Beyoncé]
Try to stop it, me say no, no, no
Royalty say, don't you know, know, know
Try to stop it, me say go, go, go, go
Bubble up and watch it grow, grow, grow, grow" ( Already, Beyoncé, Shatta Wale and Major Lazer)

Ghanaians are watching the stone the builders rejected bubble up and grow. Shatta Wale himself has said that the God he serves is above all ( Starboy, Shatta Wale) and he doesn't know why Ghanaians hate him, however they can never predict his future. ( Reality, Shatta Wale) "Bandana from Ghana" ( Reality, Shatta Wale) has made it unto Genius, Disney and on tour with Beyoncé. All those social media comment warriors and singers boiling in their jealousy. Whatever you are saying about the song or this collaboration not being huge is a lie. However, you can't stop Shatta Wale, listen to the song.

Congratulations to Shatta Wale and my respect for Stonebwoy and Samini has increased, congratulations to them to for being able to support Shatta Wale and not be bitter haters. I guess as Shatta Wale prophesied in his song Reality, now not only Ghanaians but the world has seen, his fans are right. The reality is Shatta Wale is indeed a King in the music industry.