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21.07.2019 Social News

Residents of Mim Feteagya Share Drinking Water With Animals

By Emelia Nti
Residents of Mim Feteagya Share Drinking Water With Animals

Residents of Mim "Feteagya", a town located in the newly created Ahafo Region share the same drinking water with animals. According to the inhabitants, they have tolerated and endured this for a long time but it seems help isn’t coming from anywhere. They have on several occasions cried for assistance but it seems all their calls have fallen on deaf ears.

Speaking to a local reporter, Emelia Nti, the people have expressed great displeasure at the nonchalant attitude and reluctance on the part of the government to come to their aid.

"They came to us and told us that when we vote for them, they will ensure all our problems will be solved. Adding that poverty is a disease and they hold the medicine but little did we know that they were themselves the disease. Our roads, toilets, schools just to mention a few are all in dire need of urgent help. But nothing has been done," an inhabitant of the town angrily retorted.

It was disclosed that not only "Feteagya" but the community- Mim is bedeviled with a lot of challenges. The people are therefore pleading to the government to put the light on the bushel so that it brightens everywhere.

Written by Emelia Nti
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