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21.07.2019 Liberia

Condemn The Blanket Demonisation Of President Maada Bio

By People’s Democratic League (PDL)

There has been a lot of noise flying the corners of Freetown about President Maada Bio's current visit abroad. Some have even assumed that the President is seriously ill and wish him dead.

We members of the charismatic People's Democratic League (PDL) find it very interesting that the enemies of Sierra Leone have launched a depraved, despicable propaganda in the social media to embarrass Sierra Leonean voters by going madly in their wicked tricks to demonise President Julius Maada Bio.

It is interesting to suddenly see President Bio holding discussions with his Kenyan counterpart, His Excellency Uhuru Kenyatta in Nairobi. Never a time has the President of Sierra Leone been so dehumanized, scorned and ridiculed in such a shameful manner. They do everything, tailored all sorts of lies and malicious propaganda to nail the President.

Alas, the President's adversaries who have opted not to lose sleep have been sleepless in the last two weeks of the President Bio's absence out of the country.

In view of the above, we wish to inform all members and supporters of the People's Democratic League (PDL) in and outside Sierra Leone that we are still maintaining our stand against any attempts to demonise our constitutional and elected President. It is unfair and uncalled for, to insults President Bio and we, in the PDL wish to dissociate ourselves from such unpatriotic, criminal and unjust attacks against our elected leader.

Sierra Leone's current economic mess and political woes are largely due to leadership failure by past governments. President Bio should not be demonized and we stand by him to condemn any humiliation directed against his leadership. Instead of demonizing, all patriotic and peace-loving Sierra Leoneans should support the President to change things in the country, because he is a victim of a bankrupt system left behind by his predecessors.

We all need, as Sierra Leoneans to rally behind the President and his government to find appropriate solution to the country's problems, but not to assassinate the character of Mr. Bio. Sierra Leone must move forward and this requires all Sierra Leoneans to support the President.

Today is President Bio. Who would it be tomorrow? To wish President Bio dead is unpatriotic, disingenious and intellectually dishonest. The lies and malicious propaganda peddled against our President do not work anywhere.

The PDL believes in Peace, development and prosperity of Sierra Leone. Therefore those hell-bent on demonising President Bio are doing a disservice to the Sierra Leonean people; and are bent on dividing Sierra Leoneans on the basis of tribal and regional politics. We believe President Bio should be given the chance to serve the Sierra Leonean people and not corrupt politicians. Mr. Bio has in many occasions made it crystal clear that he is President for all Sierra Leoneans; and that he was elected to serve all Sierra Leoneans and not any other interests.

While we call on all Sierra Leoneans to pray for the good of the country, we wish the President a peaceful and safe return home.

Long live Sierra Leone!

Alimamy Bakarr Sankoh
Leader and Chairman
People's Democratic League (PDL)

1 Zara Lane, Portee Junction, Wellington, Freetown.
Email: [email protected]