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20.07.2019 Article

Uber With Its "International Quality" Service In Bangladesh

By Sohail Choudhury
Uber With Its

UBER, WORLD FAMOUS CAB SERVICE has started business in Bangladesh about three years ago. On November 2016, international brand UBER began its journey in Bangladesh.

In neighboring India, UBER never allows a car more than three years old. While in Bangladesh, a car, almost vintage in fact a WRECKAGE is included in UBER service.

I hired an UBER on 14th of this month, a Wagon made by Toyota motor company that was at least 20 years old. On my way back, I found the similar WAGON but unfortunately, it was shaking like bullock cart. I decided next time I will hire a better car. The WAGON I am talking about is of the UBER X range, which is an economy ride by UBER. Next time I hired an UBER "premium" which is of the higher range. On my way to Gulshan (Dhaka's residential area) I was provided with a Toyota Aqua, definitely a better car than the WAGON. On my way back, I was provided with Toyota Corolla X. Even that is a better car. But, on the way there was heavy traffic but my bill was Taka 420/= while on the way home, the traffic was much thinner, actually, the car never had to STOP. But surprisingly the bill was Taka 620/= which is 200 taka more than earlier.

I found the fare to be exorbitant. I wrote Email to UBER to both their address [email protected] and [email protected] but UBER never felt the need to reply to my Email. There is another service in Bangladesh called PATHAO but that's a 100% Bangladeshi company. People have more faith in UBER for, UBER is a multinational company.

But their customer service is so BAD its beyond imagination. I wanted to register myself with PATHAO every time I tried, failed but as I reported that matter to PATHAO authority, they at least sent me a reply. UBER never felt the need to send a reply.

I am SURE if UBER wants, can provide better service. UBER has defeated their competitors around the world even in USA but in Bangladesh, the have nothing called "service" if such "service" continues, a Bangladeshi local company will take over soon.

Surely UBER doesn't bother losing Bangladesh market, but there are smart boys every where in the world.

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