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19.07.2019 Feature Article

Mr. Trump: The Actor President

Mr. Trump: The Actor President
LISTEN JUL 19, 2019

History is not full of surprises if one masters it well. One would learn much stuff about human beings and an important thing you would never forget is that history repeats itself. And so only the stupid and naïve suffer disgracefully in life. But those are meticulous and observe things in life, both in nature and the material world, they will progress at last.

But the world of the stupid and the genius have one thing in common, and that is they all tolerate the stupid monopolization of the world even when they know or can predict that things are getting out of hand. The cause of this inaction concerning the evil forebodings in the stage of the world is attributable to the greedy nature of man. Greed may lurk behind the fall of man which was highly exemplified in the Garden of Eden. Right up to successive generations since antiquity, we have also seen how it had led the ruin of the world.

Now, the story about what is happening around Mr. Trump, the American President would never have been predicted by men judging from what the world had suffered in the not- too- distant centuries behind us. But it has come and gradually we may become spectators as individuals as we visualize what goes on before our collective eyes.

Trump is an actor, President. He is only true to himself as a person when he is together with his own family. The rest of the time he plays the role of an actor on the stage in America. So it is difficult to know what he is thinking as a person. Empirically, this can be seen with his associates and the manner they find it difficult to correct him when he has done or said something wrong. The danger is that the people outside him, that is, the American citizens think that he means what he says as an actor.

Up till now many German people, including some established psychiatrists, think that Hitler was against only the Jews but as for the German people Hitler loved them. On the contrary, my meticulous analyses of Herr Adolf Hitler, (having read what did, said and discovered his background information), show to me that he was against the German people as much as he hated the Jews. Probably, he hated the former even more.

Herr Hitler was aware of his background as a Jew and so most likely he wanted to destroy the German people as much as he wanted to destroy the Jews. These philosophical and scientific notions, only a few scholars will agree with me. Since no serious study has been done concerning the mind of this notable leader, this aspect lies dormant and requires to delve into by scholars both philosophers and psychiatrists.

And so dear American white citizens, please, do not be naive and think that Mr. Trump loves you. He may hate you as much as he hates people of color. He may destroy you such that you will descend from glory to eternal damnation as time goes on. If eminent psychiatrists had gotten the opportunity to examine him and interview him before his death, I am pretty sure we would have known the secret mind of the ACTOR Herr Hitler. Trump is not different from Hitler in the manner he loves his country and its people. The same people that he finally destroyed.

Desmond Ayim-Aboagye (Ph.D.)
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