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17.07.2019 Feature Article

The Underground Man - Part 31

The Underground Man - Part 31

“Mirror, mirror on the wall!”

“Yes, my mistress…what can I do for you?”

“Mirror, mirror, look at me very well!”

“I do look at you…always!”

“What do you see?”

“I see a beautiful lady that you were when a teenager.”

“What nonsense are you talking about?”

“I like to remember the good olden days.”

“Aare you mad? Or what is wrong with you?”

“What I have known so well is what I like to remember most.”

“Mirror, mirror on the wall, it is no time for jokes but to get serious.”

“That is my job. That is why I was made!...A bit boring if you would ask me.”

“No one is asking you for that.”

“What a pity.”

“Get serious…pull yourself together.”

“Yes Madam…I will do my very best!”

“Good, I hope so.”

“What can I do for you today?”

“I want to know who is the best girl in town?”

“Oh Madam, when I look at you… .”

“Look at me very well!”

“Very well…do I look at you.”

“And you see what?”

“I see a woman… .”

“The best girl in town….right?”

“I see a woman that has come of age.”

“I do not look that bad…do I?”

“No, no…that is not what I mean!”

“Do not waste my precious time…mirror, mirror on the wall.”

“Time does not compliment you at all.”

“A trick of yours that I do not understand.”

“Please Madam, may it be far from it…far, far from it.”

“Then hurry…and tell me…am I the best girl in town?”

“Madam, you have truly enjoyed life to the Max and are popular with many people.”

“I knew it…I knew it…I am popular with many people…right?”

“Yes, you are popular with so many people that at so many parties.”

“Oh yes, so many parties and so many people that love me.”

“They like you… .”

“That is what I said…they love me.!”

“They like you…as it is easy to talk to you and easy what to talk about.”

“That sounds phantastic…simply phantastic.”

“It is simply easy what to talk with you about. Simple people can always share simple things.”

“Do I hear…sort of insult?”

“No, Madam, I would never dear to do that as I am the mirror, mirror on the wall.”

“Now let us go down to business.”

“Always at your service, Madam.”

“Who is the best girl in town?”

“Oh yes, Madam…you are so beautiful, so loved by so many simple minded, uncomplicated people at any of your many parties that you attend with so many talks about nothing at all…that you have your own special value for sure.”

“I do not need honey, I need facts.”

“True…you are absolutely right, Madam. The truth is I can see Alexa is about to start attending long distance University classes and will eventually end it with a good Degree even spending most of her life-time as a mother of two and the life of a house-wife at the side of a man that will work hard to make a fortune for the family in two companies as their Top-Manager before retiring and staring his own firm.”

“That is not good news.”

“I know.”

“Not good news at all.”

“I know…but it is the truth.”

“Are you hiding something form me?”

“Oh Madam, I would never hide anything from you.”

“Yes, you do.”


“What about Anna?”

“What about her?”

“You tell me…now!”

“Anna has…yes, she has already finished University.”

“Do not tell me things I already know of.”

“Oh, sorry…sorry so much.”

“Then tell me finally, what is going to happen in her future?”

“Madam Irena…please…I beg of you… .”

“No need to beg for anything. Just tell me about her future.”

“Anna will be very rich and very famous one day even it will take long and she will already be of much matured age.”

“Come of old age and be rich and famous? How is that possible?”

“Nothing is impossible with God!”

“What a crap are you telling me?”

“The simple truth…nothing but the truth!”

“You are a liar…a bastard.”

“Oh…if it pleases you to insult me…no problem for me.”

“This will never ever happen. I do not allow it.”

“God does not need your permission. He performs at his own time chosen by him.”

“Old age and rich and famous…impossible…never true!”

“As this world is true…so is God…and his word…as by his word the world was created.”

“God, who is that? It is a fallacy, a phantasy made by people.”

“How do you think it is possible for someone from poor background with parents far from higher education, to be rich and famous over time?” Where should that come from?”

“These are only lucky people…that is all.”

“To have an idea is only a matter of luck?”

“Of course.”

“Ideas are produced where?”

“I guess…in our brains.”

“Inspiration comes into our brains…how?”

“I do not know…I guess it simply jumps into the brain and then it is there.”

“Who makes the inspiration jump into someone´s brain and who creates inspiration in the first place?”

“You are asking me all these stupid questions…what for?” “I am a mirror…a mirror, mirror on the wall.”

“When you are that clever as you think you are, then give yourself the correct answer.”

“Inspiration is by God`s will and plan only. As he knows people even they were born, he selects them very carefully and gives his plan for the world only to those that would follow his instructions sooner or later and make the world see what he wants to be in the world. People that possibly are equally or potentially better qualified by their given circumstances, like family conditions or location, are not blessed with inspiration, maybe only with the know-how to increase money inherited…but inspiration to boost a person from zero to hero only comes to people with an obedient mind, humble, simple, respectful and of a character of fight and determination. Any other people not willing to be in God`s side and follow all his commands by the letter, will be on lower levels of life. To have money is powerful, to have brain, courage and…blessings of inspiration is far above any money status. God does only select people by what they are willing to do for hum, not by race, age, social background, gender and belief before walking by his side. He does not discriminate, he only selects his Saints from among the crowd. Many are called, few will make it in the end.”

“Rubbish…total nonsense!” Irena turned around and walked away.

…to be continued

Karl-Heinz Heerde
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