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15.07.2019 Opinion

The Demo Was A Good Exercise For Zu-za

By Daily Guide
The Demo Was A Good Exercise For Zu-za
JUL 15, 2019 OPINION

I don’t remember the first time I heard of the demonstration, but I do remember telling myself it will be a very good exercise for persons having protruded stomach like I do. The highly publicized 'kum yen preko' is the demonstration I refer to.

It came off last Tuesday and I must confess it was well attended. People from all walks of life participated in the demonstration. But as to whether they were all there to demonstrate against the so-called hardship under President Nana Dee is another matter altogether.

Soon after the demonstration, pictures of some demonstrators, clad in their demonstration regalia feasting at a ‘chop bar’, flooded the social media. Is it not ironical that they who had just returned from a protest proclaiming their suffering were the same people caught on camera feasting? They all had mountain bowls of fufu with meat and fish swimming in the soup. Even a cursory look could tell that the smiling and puffy-looking demonstrators were only exaggerating their suffering.

Another picture that caught my fancy was that of the leadership of the demonstrators seated on the bare floor mimicking the supposed suffering their compatriots were going through under President Nana Dee. Looking at the likes of General Ntontom and Elder Kidnapper exhibiting such great acting skills made me wonder if they were not in the wrong profession. It was very obvious that they were better actors than politicians. Better still, they could be better funeral criers than the female funeral criers on parade at funerals.

With his plastered mouth indicating a gagged society, Elder Kidnapper stood out in the crowd. It was obvious that he was referring to the recent withdrawal of licences of some errant radio stations. But the propaganda will not fly because it has no resemblance to the truth.

The unadulterated truth is that law abiding radio and television stations are doing their work without let or hindrance. Even Ahuto FM, owned by the Pentecost Elder himself, and their ilk continue to operate despite churning out one political hate programme after another. So wherein lies the justification for the claim of a gagged society under the Nana Dee government?

Abusuapanin, there was this video of one demonstrator that kept me thinking when it surfaced on social media. The bloke’s only reason for joining the demonstration was to voice out his concern at the high cost of tramadol under Nana Dee. The visibly intoxicated ‘tramadol user’ brings to mind the school of thought that questions the ‘one-man, one-vote’ system under democratic governance. For sure, he is my man of the demonstration.

Another intriguing picture was that of the former Women and Gender Affairs Minister holding a placard with the inscription, “Menzgold is not a ponzi. Gov’t, do the needful.” What needful means, only she can tell.

But that was not surprising considering the fact she is a walking contradiction. Is it not ironical that a lawyer of her calibre would claim an entity that operated without a licence was not a ponzi? Is it also not contradictory that a woman who claimed to be a human rights activist could consistently exhibit physical violence and cruelty against every person that had ever lived with her, as claimed by her husband? So, she holding that placard is not shocking at all!

Many have said the demonstration was needless and just a waste of everybody’s time. But I beg to differ. If nothing at all, it has given the likes of Joshua Akamba the opportunity to exercise and reduce their belly fat. It has also afforded them the opportunity to exhibit their acting skills. Who knows, they may be among the cast in my yet-to-be-shot movie titled, ‘Zu-za Amanehunu’. But Elder Kidnapper and General Ntontom will definitely be the lead characters.

On the side of the electorate, the demonstration has afforded them the opportunity to see the hypocrisy of the group that subjected them to unimaginable suffering and also institutionalized ‘create, loot and share’ under the reign of President Ogwanfunu. The sad SADA saga, the Akomfem debacle, the GYEEDA story and the ‘woyomization’ of the state are still fresh in our minds.

It is very obvious that those under the Umbrella are in a hurry to leave opposition. But unlike them, my compatriots and I are not in a hurry to see them at the helm of affairs in this country, at least not anytime soon. But how will they be able to see the reality when they are all infected by the dead-goat syndrome?

See you next week for another interesting konkonsa, Deo volente!

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