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15.07.2019 Feature Article

JymWrites: #DropKwameOwusu; The NPP And Political Patronage

JymWrites: #DropKwameOwusu; The NPP And Political Patronage

2016 was a tensed political year with voters in the center of the pull and push. Finally, they decided the New Patriotic Party and well, we all agreed. They are better than the National Democratic Congress the voters cried, we hope they are, we the non-voters prayed. But after about 3 years we all are not sure of the decision we made because, it is clear that Nana Addo and his government doesn’t know what they are doing after preaching that they have the menfor the job.

Why I’m saying this?
Mr. Kwame Owusu, the former head of the Ghana Maritime Authority snatched headlines last year when he allegedly depleted GHS66, 000 to build a kitchen cabinet. He also admitted spending GHS1 million to renovate a two-bedroom house into a four-bedroom house, the former boss allegedly installed 11 air conditioners in his house and even defended the number of air conditioners, arguing that the number should have been 13 because that was more decent of his status as Director General of the Maritime Authority.

The same person who was allegedly accused of a conflict of interest later resigned at age 65 without any proper probe into the allegations has received a letter of appointment from the Jubilee House appointing him as chairman of the Governing Board of the Ghana Revenue Authority. I mean, how?

Foremost, they claim they have probed into his allegations and if they really have, where are the outcomes. Mr. Owusu has not been cleared of these allegations and so how does a government with good cooperate governance went ahead to hand him a board to chair without first providing the people they are serving with the outcomes of their investigation into the matter?

Also, even if Mr. Owusu has been cleared of allegations which we all don’t know anything about, must the NPP government appoint him as a chairman of a board as important as GRA after seeing his unprofessionalism, arrogance and sarcasm in handling issues?

If it is the legal basis that we see nothing wrong with, fine, but what happens to the moral basis? How can we as a country, at a stage where we want seriousness and development be ignoring red flags such as this?

Prof. Gyampo asked on Newsfile if the ruling government still have the men as they promised Ghanaians in 2016 that they have the men to govern this country. Because this does not add up if the government which claims to have the men who would work and give the country what it deserves then why reappoint a man who blew GHS135,125 in one night on food and GHS10,652 on another occasion on food for just eight people.

The government should come out and give us some answers becomes this to me is nothing but a gross disrespect to the people of Ghana and also shows how the government is patronizing party members. It gives me the impression of looting and sharing the power and fortunes of this country and it bothers me, it should bother every good Ghanaian.

Thank You.

Joseph Yaw Mawunyo
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