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15.07.2019 Feature Article

Destroying Ghana's Forests Does Not Make Long-Term  Economic Sense - Indeed, It Is Downright Dangerous

Destroying Ghana's Forests Does Not Make Long-Term  Economic Sense - Indeed, It Is Downright Dangerous
LISTEN JUL 15, 2019

The world's forests evolved over millions of years. Thus, on a geological timescale, if it is not wiped out by the impact of a celestial body smashing into it, our biosphere will probably survive till the end of the universe, regardless of the degradation humankind causes to the natural environment. Alas, it is humankind that faces possible extinction, not the earth.

The issue is the widespread climate-change-induced-suffering that is being experienced in some, and, in the fullness of time, will inevitably be experienced in all the seven continents of the planet Earth - because global warming negatively impacts human health and affects the long-term economic well-being of nations: as egregious human greed destroys most of the delicate ecosystems that support life on earth.

That is why as a people, when it comes to economic development that causes irreversible environmental damage, we must ensure that our elected leaders understand clearly that they were not elected to destroy the life-support-ecosystems of the Ghanaian landmass, which ensure that present and future generations of our people, can enjoy the many benefits of Mother Nature.

That is why President Akufo-Addo's administration needs to hasten slowly on permitting the destruction of forests by mining companies. In the short-term it might increase our GDP, but it will end up causing an apocalyptic future in which Ghanaians face hell-on-earth living conditions nationwide.

In the climate change era, examining what actually constitutes Ghana's GDP growth figures, item by item, and making sure that they are not activities that are toxic-for-human-wellness, ought to be the most important consideration for society. Destroying Ghana's forests does not make long-term economic sense. Indeed, it is downright dangerous.

Kofi Thompson
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