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15.07.2019 Opinion

A Case Study That We Must Learn From

By Denis Andaban
A Case Study That We Must Learn From

There was this self-inflicted chunk contributing phenomenon that catalyzed our waterloo in the 2016 electioneering and we must keep an eye out not to replicate same as we inch towards the parliamentary primaries and consequently the general electioneering.

During the 2016 parliamentary primaries in Tema West , there were sects as usual and always for diverse choices of parliamentary candidates , thus , for or against, which created cold schism within the rank and file of the supporters of a candidate or candidates who lost the primaries to a particular candidate or couldn’t contest the parliamentary primaries for a reason I can’t tell and that grieve was brought into the general electioneering couched in a skirt and blouse campaign message by the aggrieved supporters of the parliamentary candidate/s who lost the primaries to another for vengeance . Little did the perpetrators of vengeance/score settling schemers know that their actions ( practiced across board) will rather spell doom for the whole party rather than vengeance/score settling on the targeted candidate who won the parliamentary primaries against their preferred parliamentary candidate.

we all know that, democratical competition and for that matter internal competition brings out the best candidate though , if not the highest favored one whether by hook or crook is very healthy for any democracy but the aftermath of grieve inducement as a result of losing the primaries of this competition posted into the general elections is what we all must take a grave look at and eschew any tendency of vengeance cum score settling from the primaries which in the long run will tear us apart from achieving our party’s aim .

2020 is crucial, a must win for us and we shouldn’t be seen that the supporters of a lost parliamentary primaries candidate/ the candidate him/herself have hatched a skirt and blouse campaign strategy to be executed in the general elections calculated for avenging the lost from the primaries.

Going forward, This attempt will not aid our cause and must be abhorred by all with immediate effect.

We are one people with a common goal and must be seen as such, not be nibbling each other.

If we do so, strangers will feed fat on our fortunes, we all must geared up to achieving our party’s goal in 2020 and beyond irrespective of what happened amidst the primaries.

God bless us all.
BY Joe Kwei
Regional communication committee member
( Accra)

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