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12.07.2019 Regional News

Alhaji Khuzaimah On A Trip To The US

By Alhaji Alhasan Abdulai
Alhaji KhuzaimahAlhaji Khuzaimah
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Alhaji Khuzaimah Mohammed Osman the Personal Assistant of the National Chief Imam of Ghana has been invited by the State Department of the US for an important function.

He is due to leave Accra on 15th July for a week, for a meeting on Freedom of Religions and Basic Social Rights.

Alhaji Osman is also the head of the Islamic Peace and Security Council and Chief Imams Education Fund (SUNSETFUND).

With his tremendous experience in the field, he's good enough to provide information on how Muslims in Ghana are contributing towards peace and stability in Ghana and by extension in Africa and the World.

Alhaji Osman expresses his gratitude to the US Embassy of US for selecting him from Ghana.

He revealed that his organisation (IPASEC) is the only organisation that appeared on the US Freedom on Religious report just last month as a result of its work with them.

Having served under the National Chief IMAM for a long while, he is most likely to explain how the National Chief Imam is seen in Ghana and worldwide as a man of peace, leading Muslims to promote peace.

He's likely to speak on how his grandfather who just turned 100yrs and celebrated worldwide is promoting peace.

He will present a statement from the Chief IMAM that our peace and security comes before any other things— a reason we must guard and protect our enviable peaceful environment.

Alhaji Osman expresses his thanks to the US Embassy for inviting him to the US and pledged that he'll follow up on the footsteps of the National Chief Imam to promote peace among mankind at the function in the US

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