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02.02.2006 General News

Spio-Garbrah speaks out

By jake kwasi sarkodie kapital radio.

The chief executive officer of the Commonwealth Telecommunication Organization (CTO) and former minister of Education Dr. Ekwow Spio-Garbrah has underscored the need for politicians to give credit when necessary. He has suggested that politicians in the country shouldn't always be in the position of discrediting and labeling everything carried out by their opponents as bad. Speaking to Kapital News while on an official assignment in India, Dr. Spio Gabrah noted that the many problems confront! ing the country should engage everyone's attention. Whilst pointing out the shortfalls of the Kufuor-led administration he also admitted the gains made so far.

Dr. Spio Gabrah submitted that workers in the country should work more than eight hours if the country wants compete in the global economy. He added that workers in some countries work more than eighteen hours away saying we shouldn't compare our country with the well advanced ones which now have shorter hours of work .