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12.07.2019 Feature Article

Saved By Laughter

Saved By Laughter
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A Psychologist by name Professor Bob Levenson conducted a research into finding annoying acts among couples. This led to a very vital discovery. It was discovered that satisfying relationships were those that are full of laughter. These were long lasting relationships and the admiration of almost every potential couple.

Laughter is a communication and not a reaction. In an unhealthy relationship, the best of jokes will sound dry and bitter if it were tasted by the tongue. People must not be funny to be enjoyed. Laughter is a statement that communicates our joy to be with others. It expresses our love to others. One sure way to preserve and sustain relationships are found when we never get tired laughing with relations and friends.

In his book “Anatomy of Illness,” Norman Cousins pointed out a very important discovery about laughter when he was diagnosed with ankylosing spondylitis, threatening his life. All treatments failed and doctors had given up on him. But then, he knew of an unusual prescription: laughter. He situated himself inside a hotel room alone. There, he will laugh hard every now and then, immersing himself in comics and funny materials. With this, his health was totally restored in six months.

Laughter raises our energy levels and intensifies the health condition of our hearts by about twenty percent. Do not undermine this essential-yet free gift to man. Give yourself to laughter at all times. Where medication fail, and where everything else fail; try laughter!

By Isaac Eli Asamoah

Isaac Eli Asamoah
Isaac Eli Asamoah, © 2019

I am Isaac Eli Asamoah, a graduate of KNUST. I am a passionate writer and a poet. I seek to impact my world immensely through writing. Column: IsaacEliAsamoah

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