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11.07.2019 Article

From Front To Back; The Story Of 'Converted' Heterosexual

By Kojo Lucky
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It is often scarce to hear someone who is believed to be straight to identify himself as a homosexual.

Rare and scare in a conservative society like Ghana, were homophobic behaviours and actions are rife.

Many who identify as homosexuals are mostly living in the shadows and in secrets because of the stigma and antagonism one may receive.

Over the years many have lost their jobs, sacked from school or lost opportunities because they were either believed to be homosexuals or acted as feminine especially when he is a boy.

So the braveness of one to come out of the closet and embrace his or her sexuality is uncommon in Ghana.

On one of my trips to Accra, I met Gordon at one of the commercial transport terminals in a small community in the western side of Ghana.

Popularly known as Mzz Gee, among his friends in the LGBTQ community, Gordon wears short dreadlocks with his chest tattooed.

The 28-year-old father of one, have had to resort to a psychologist for a couple of months after his last relationship left him with a child.

Though he agreed to take care of the child after his partner abandoned the child on him as the relationship fell on rocks.

This would be the forth relationship he had described as being disappointed and his spouse making him feel stupid.

The fall out of his relationships compelled him to begin questioning himself and his sexuality.

“I was confused. Every relationship with women wouldn’t work but I realize I am attracted to men rather.”

Mzz GEE will now be introduced to his new found love who according to Mzz Gee, has shown him real love.

He has been with his new love for over a year now, and things seem to be well with them both.

“I am happier now. There is an emotion of satisfaction that I have with this relationship. Though I am glad I had a child out of my previous relationship, I feel loved more with my boyfriend”, he said amidst intermittent smiles broadly on his face.


Just as many gay persons in countries that laws criminalises their existence, Mzz Gee is also fear being attacked.

The situation has compelled him to relocate from to a different location with his boyfriend for safety.

“I’m sad I didn’t realize my real orientation early but wasted my time on girls who misused my money and betrayed my love. I would have improved economically,” he said when asked whether the homophobic attacks discourage him.

Meanwhile, religion and traditions in Ghana over the years have frowned on homosexuality believing it’s an evil act that needs not to be entertained.

Amidst this, many homosexuals and the gay community continues to stay resolute to protect each other.

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