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11.07.2019 Opinion

If Ghanaians Didn't Die Under The Era Of The NDC, It's​ Impossible Under Nana Addo's Regime

By David Antwi Boasiako
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In the history of Ghanaian politics, the bad leadership experienced in Ghana from Wednesday, 7th January 2009 to 7th January 2017 can never be compared to that of any government in Ghana since the inception of the 4th Republic.

I got up today to see on the various news portals that Coalition for Social Justice a Pro NDC group is embarking on a demonstration "Kum y3n pr3ko demonstration", Which is fully funded by John Dramani Mahama the worst President ever in the history of Ghana presidency and their reason is that Ghana currently under the control of the able and competent Nana Addo Dankwa Akuffo Addo is performing poorly.

The NPP government inherited a very weak economy from the national wreckers ndc but few months into the NPP led administration the economy is strong and better.

Embargo on the public sector employment has been lifted, the country has exited IMF, workers salary has been increased by 10%, our security agencies are been retooled, roads are been constructed, now you can enjoy quality education without paying even a penny

Lastly, we are reducing unemployment through the implementation of nabco,1D1F, planting for food and jobs etc.

How then do you call this bad leadership?

The first lady of the land Mrs. Rebecca Akuffo Addo is also doing her part in ensuring Ghana develops ie; building of wards, hospitals and making of donations(ambulances, incubators, etc) which will help improve health care, the second lady also on the other hand is also empowering young women and doing things of economic importance among others.

During the era of the President who paid huge judgment debts in the history of Ghana politics John Dramani Mahama, Ghana had to be sold into modern-day slavery *(IMF)*

In 2014, the inflation rate of Ghana was around 15% and government workers salary wasn't increased more than the inflation rate, embargo was on the public sector employment which prevented the government from employing people into the public sector, people were sacked from the public sector again businesses collapsed due to dumsor,high duties at our ports among other factors yet John Mahama and Cronies could put huge sums of cash in plane and go to Brazil and spend while the common Ghanaian couldn't afford a 3 square meal a day.

Education became expensive to the extent that only the rich could afford.

Your ward may get admission into a senior high school and you're to pay close to Ghc 2500 before he or she can start school, nursing and teacher training allowance which reduce the burden on trainee teachers and nurses were abolished

People were dying because they couldn't afford to pay for quality health care,and in other parts of the country while people are crying for quality roads you take our money and tell us you're going to rear Guinea fowls we ask for them and the response you could give us was they have flown to Burkina Faso, I am sure the fowls were also experiencing the hardship so they had to run to a country whose contractor buys ford expedition for our President just for awarding a contract of fencing a state asset.

A President who insulted the whole Asanteman when we asked for development replied us with Daddy Lumba's song "Yentie Obiaa" and other offensive words.

What is poor leadership and hardship in a country if a President after inheriting a good economy from H.E John Agyekum Kuffour couldn't manage it well.

Mrs Lordina Mahama used her office to engage in alot of alleged corrupt deals in other to get rich and the second lady also insults a headmistress for requesting chalk and advanced classrooms in her school.

There is no way all Ghanaians are going to be okay with the leadership of the NPP but the NDC isn't an option,John Mahama and Cronies should use the state funds they stole when they were in power to empower their people rather than wasting it on useless demonstration.

Ghanaians are not ready for a government which will collapse business and make their Cronies only rich at the expense of the ordinary Ghanaian becoming poor

Another term of Mahama would be more dangerous and worse than initially​.





David Antwi Boasiako


(Member, Communication Team NPP/Tescon President Elect Garden City University College)

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