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10.07.2019 Crime & Punishment

Justice Eludes Family Of Defiled Daughter

By Staff Writer
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Mother of the victim, Asibi George said, she noticed some changes in her daughter when she returned from the farm the day she was defiled.

According to her, she briefly interrogated her daughter but the child could not explain what had happened to her until late in the evening when she was about to bathe her.

The victim’s mother said a second questioning came with the revelation. The child complained of not being able to urinate and was feeling a strong burning sensation in her vagina.

While they await an STD test as directed by a doctor, Asibi is dealing with the daily nightmares their daughter goes through after the cruel incident.

But the police have reportedly not been helpful.

Asibi said they have dragged their feet since the issue was reported to them. They delayed, for days, in issuing a medical report and have approached the issue with a lackadaisical attitude.

The family has rather come under attack for reporting the issue to be police, the distraught mother told Joy News’ Elliasu Tanko.

She said her husband – George Awunemi - has had to flee the town after the chief threatened to deal with him for reporting the incident to the press.

Speaking to Elliasu from his hideout, he said he was told by the police that the case had been solved, although they have not seen any arrests being affected.

The alleged perpetrator is said to be a son of an influential individual in the town and it is believed that the family is blocking investigations into the case.

“The boy who did that, told me he will beat me up. If you are poor, you have nothing to say,” the distressed father said.

Reacting to the story, the District Police Commander, ASP Stephen Delaporte, told Joy News the matter is being investigated.