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10.07.2019 Feature Article

What Is Happening At The Gender Ministry; Madam Cynthia Morrison Sit-Up

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I am passionate about human rights, especially on issues concerning women and girls, and that is why this is of great concern to me.

I think a ministry like the Ministry for Gender, Children and Social Protection is a sensitive ministry. The section of people in our country for which that ministry was created, are suffering from varying vulnerabilities.

There are so many Gender-related issues affecting both women and the Girl Child that needs your immediate attention, but we don’t see or hear from you.

What has happened to the Children and Social Protection unit of your Ministry?

What has happened to the monitory unit of the School Feeding Programme?

What has happened to the People with Disability Fund?

What is the state of the Children's’ park in Accra and Kumasi and almost across the country?

Workers of the School Feeding Programme are crying over nonpayment of salaries.

Caterers of School Feeding Programme across the country are crying over nonpayment of their monies.

Why haven’t you been able to organize just one meeting with agencies, departments under your ministry?

Why are some key staffs under the School Feeding Programme not paid for some months now?

What exactly is happening under your tenure as the minister of Gender, Children and Social Protection?

I see nothing like there’s a Gender Ministry in the country. I weep when I see so many young promising girls who may one day if given the opportunity perform better than what you giving us today.

The tax payers pay you to take care of the vulnerable as and when you are needed not for foreign trips that can be done by your deputies or Chief Directors.

I think its high time Madam Cynthia Morrison, you start delegating other competent people to do your travelling and please have time to stay home, study and understand the issues going in Ghana that directly affects your ministry.

You can disagree with me but my thoughts are based on what I have seen as a citizen who is particularly interested in the gender ministry. The current seemed focused on celebrating and marking international days, rather than getting to the grassroots and using activism to get the work done.

It is needless for me to bombard Ghanaians once again with the hideously distasteful word “underperformed minister, when Otiko Afisa Djaba was moved from the Gender Ministry, some people, including myself were excited, I don’t hate her but the truth must be said, I think Miss Otiko Djaba’s performance was not satisfactory hopping you could perform better but if my judgment is right I think you’re worse, the least to say.

What I find extremely difficult to fathom is your failure as the woman charged with the responsibility of overseeing the interests of women, Social Welfare, School Feeding Programme among others drained down to waste.

No more monitoring going on at School Feeding Programme nationwide, not too long ago, we saw a viral video of caterers serving water-like soup to schools kids in one of the schools in Ashanti region.

Salaries of workers have not been paid over months now; nothing is working under your ministry, please sit-up because you’ve demonstrated that you’re only interested in foreign trips and please do return home because you sometimes overstay

The rather deafening silence of the gender minister in the face of these is a serious threat on the lives of the venerable, to say the least

It is expected of every individual holding any position in government to portray a sense of readiness in working towards fulfilling the president's manifesto promise, which is key and critical and cannot be compromised.

Governments become unpopular and are tagged as not performing on the face of the electorates when the good works of that government are kept in the dark, and so it is imperative to expedite action in this regard.

Our party, the NPP, has come a long way and with our impeccable track record in governance and government cannot suffer at the hands of someone's ineptitude because strict adherence to rules of engagement must be enforced and followed.

Madam Minister, please re-kindle your gender activism, the same strength that made the President choose you for this sensitive position.

God bless our homeland Ghana and make it great and strong.

Long live Ghana.
Long live NPP.
I’m a citizen and not a spectator
Kwame Attuahene….

Antwi boasiako John
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