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08.07.2019 Feature Article

The Chambergate Brouhaha

The Chambergate Brouhaha
LISTEN JUL 8, 2019

Parliament over the weekend has come under severe public opprobrium as a result of a decision yet to be put before the plenary for fire works to take it course among members both minority and Majority. The unpopular decision we are told, is the idea by the parliamentary service board to have a new chamber constructed.

I have followed the debate carefully and I hope, the resounding rejection of this policy by right thinking Ghanaians would inform the leadership of the house to abort this toxic decision for their own good. Some of us do not support this decision and nothing under the sun can cajole our minds. Leadership must be told that, parliament represents the people and any decision taken by the legislature must reflect the utmost hope of its citizens.

There is a unanimity in the voice of the people and that voice ought to be respected. For now, we don't need any chamber. We need portable drinking water, we need good roads, we need enough hospital beds and the likes.

Alot of people are saying that, they have bad roads, they lack portable drinking water, students are studying under trees, lack of beds in our hospitals and the likes so they don't want any chamber that is is going to cost us a whooping sum of $200m according to estimation. A strong objection has been mounted against this obnoxious policy and same is well grounded on fact(s).

The question is, was former president Mahama lying to Ghanaians in 2016 when he said, "Ghana is ahead of United State of America in terms of social infrastructure? well see" "

How can a country leading United State Of America in terms of social infrastructure be crying of bad roads, lack of portable drinking water, lack of hospital beds, schools under trees and what have you. So all the infrastructure achievement Mahama touted himself as having done well for which reason he is seeking re-election in 2020 was an absolute and qualified act of dishonesty? Some one should get me their green book.

We were lacking alot of things in terms of infrastructure under the NDC yet, they ignored the suffering masses and invested in questionable judgement debts. The amount we invested in Sada alone could have been used to complete all the GETFUND project in our secondary schools.

Under the fiasco SADA project, we spent GH47m on Guinea fowls and planting of trees during the dry season. Under same Sada we lost Ghc200m. So today if Aseidu Nketiah is telling us that, students are studying under trees without portable drinking water, he should explain to Ghanaians why in the absence of the things he listed during his interview with JOYNEWS, NDC went ahead to pay woyome Ghc 51.2M for no work done.

We were branding buses when students were drinking from the same pond with cows, we paid Waterville Holding an amount of £47m when we had no beds in our hospital.

Parliamentry chamber can't be a priority for now but the hypocrisy of the NDC must be brought to the fore for people to know the heinous crimes they committed against Ghanaians during their eight their entire years.

Dawda Eric(Equity)
Citizen Vigilance for Justice
7th July,2019
[email protected]

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