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06.07.2019 Feature Article

There Is No Reason Why Ghana Should Not Be A Wealthy Nation With A Well-Off Population

There Is No Reason Why Ghana Should Not Be A Wealthy Nation With A Well-Off Population
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The agricultural sector is key to Ghana becoming a rich nation. President Akufo-Addo is therefore absolutely right in making it a priority sector, in his wealth-creation agenda for ordinary Ghanaians. If the government wants to generate the same kind of energy that made General Kutu Acheampong's regime's Operation Feed Yourself agricultural policy such a success, it ought to invite the U.S.YouTube permaculture farming star, Ron Greenwood, to Ghana, to share ideas with.

Were our politicians to commit to replicating some of his ideas - which in a sense are greener variants of our country's various farming initiatives over the years - it would attract young people into farming, and revolutionalise farming in Ghana. There is enough land in the hands of Chiefs to give freely to every Ghanaian willing to take up farming as a business, across Ghana.

Furtheremore, if approached, I am pretty sure that the African Development Bank (AfDB) would agree to provide grant funding that will enable interested Ghanaians to go to district agricultural centres to collect free seeds and seedlings to grow. The question is: Would that not help eradicate poverty in Ghana? This country is being held back because far too many people lack the imagination to understand that the only thing preventing Ghana from progressing rapidly is that we seldom do original thinking.

Otherwise why would there be a crisis in Parliament, over a sensible decision to have a purpose-built Parliament to facilitate the very important role Parliament plays as a law-making bulwark against tyranny in Ghana - all because many think we cannot afford it at the moment, and that it is not a societal priority? Says, who, I ask? Haaba.

And, whiles we are at it, can our many brilliant lawyers and economists tell this old fool what disaster could possibly befall Ghana, if we ceded the biggest island in the Volta Lake to Facebook for 99 years, so the tech giant can turn it into a sovereign mini-state, to enable it operate freely without any regulatory busybodies restricting its growth - and help make our country super-rich in the process?

Naturally, a condition for such a unique and mouth-watering deal for Facebook, would be that it would make an upfront payment of US $100 billion, and thereafter make annual payments to Ghana of at least 10 billion dollars as ground rent for the island. Ditto make the Bank of Ghana a partner in the Facebook Libra cryptocurrency project by giving it free shares. Let us get both Rob Greenwood and Mark Zuckerberg to Ghana to discuss both matters with our nation's ruling élites asap. There is no reason why Ghana should not be a wealthy nation with a well-off population. We only need to think the impossible is actually possible. Haaba

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