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05.07.2019 NDC News

NDC Communicator Chides MPs Over Construction Of $200m Parliamentary Chamber

By Eric Joe Ayivi
Mr. Ralph Apetorgbor
LISTEN JUL 5, 2019
Mr. Ralph Apetorgbor

A National Communications team member of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), Mr. Ralph Apetorgbor has described the proposed building of a new chamber for Parliament as social criminal, economically inexplicable and political wicked.

According to him, government should concentrate on building the capacity of the teeming unemployed youth and address the social infrastructure challenges facing the country with the resource at its disposal.

“Building a new chamber for our parliamentarians should not be a priority now, students are still studying under trees, people are struggling for quality health care, bad road network, high employment rate are issues that government must prioritize to ensure the citizens live in comfort” he said.

Ghana’s parliament is considering building a new ultramodern chamber to serve the lawmakers.

The Parliamentary Service Board has already received the architectural model for the new chamber from renowned Ghanaian architect David Frank Adjaye, the same designer of the National Cathedral.

The 450 –seated chamber which would cost the tax payer $200 million will come with a chapel, mosque, restaurant, interview area and a museum.

The current parliamentary chamber which can seat up to only 270 MPs will be turned into an auxiliary conference facility for parliament and construction is expected to begin before the end of 2019.

However, Mr. Apetorgbor who doubles as the Deputy Communications Officer for the NDC Anya Sowutuom constituency in an interview said, to ensure accountable governance, the country’s decentralisation process should be further strengthened with oversight and monitoring of developmental projects and local infrastructure.

‘It is needless to build a new chamber for parliament where there is always absenteeism and government is wasting the tax payers’ money to build a 450 siting capacity parliament” he said.

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