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31.01.2006 General News

The police have done it again

By The Sun
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The Ghana police have done it again. This time, they are certainly gunning for a place in the Guinness Book of Records for inhumanity.

Believe it or not, instead of rushing him to hospital to save his life, a man who was knocked brutally down by a vehicle, was rather locked up till he nearly lost his life! Why? The vehicle that knocked him down was said to have belonged to an officer of the MTTU.

The Sun's sources relate that, the poor victim, Mr. Tee Muhammad Yaro, who traded in towels at the Madina market, was riding on his bicycle to the Madina market when he was knocked down by the vehicle around the market.

While the horrified spectators rushed anxiously to have him sent to a nearby clinic or hospital, the occupants of the vehicle thought otherwise. He must be interrogated first. So to the shock of the bystanders, the man was rather taken to the offices of the MTTU.

The paper gathered further that, at the MTTU offices, Yaro was subjected to countless rounds of questioning, obviously to explain why he was knocked down. Since his state of suffering was very severe, he could not correspond with the officers. Refusing to take cognizance of his situation as the explanation for his inability to communicate, the officers decided to presume that he was drunk. Or was it just to create a forged explanation to salvage the MTTU officer who owned the vehicle from blame? Whichever the reason was, he was declared drunk. On this trumped up charge, the helpless accident victim was locked up from 10 am to 6 pm, according to our sources.

By evening however, Yaro's situation had deteriorated alarmingly and he was acting strangely in the cells, due to the obvious trauma he was going through. His behaviour now drew the attention of a police officer who raised an alarm that the man was about to die in their cell. This attracted other police personnel. At this point did one of them who apparently, hadn't been around when he was brought first, recognize the victim as a very responsible man who was not known to drink at all, debunking thus the claim of the MTTU officers that he had been dumped there for drunkenness.

Only now was the man rushed to the police hospital but even there family sources say those who brought him had lied that he was found drunk! Meanwhile, the family had been combing all over the place, in search of him. When they tried his cell phone again, since the man himself could not pick it on account of being almost out of this world by now, a policeman picked it and informed them that he was at the police station.

On rushing to the station, they were now informed he was in the hospital. When they reached the hospital, it was detected that he would need special treatment to recover. His ever deteriorating situation therefore compelled his family to rush him to one of the leading private clinics. At the time of reporting, he is still there, receiving treatment.

When the paper reached the Madina Divisional MTTU Commander, ASP Amoako on phone for confirmation or denial of the incident, his first reaction was to ask whether the paper had spoken with the victim, to which the answer was given that Yaro's condition was not yet conducive for such communication, but the family had been spoken with. Then the inspector said he would not talk to journalists on phone.

It is obviously however that the Ghana police have done it again!