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02.07.2019 Feature Article

How The Voter Got It Right: Who's chopping our monies?

How The Voter Got It Right:   Who's chopping our monies?

The word chop simply means "to cut or cut off with a quick blow." It must have had its root from the French couper, and also from Vulgar Latin *cuppare "to behead," from a root meaning "head," but influenced in Old French by couper "to strike"

There are similar words in continental Germanic (Dutch, German kappen "to chop, cut").

In my native Ghana 'Chop' connotes something different aside its etymological meaning.

It means to munch or eat food. But the term is generally used to characterise public office holders that siphon or embezzle state funds.

And I believe if politicians in Africa and for that matter Ghana had given this guy a little room to operate, provided him and his community with the basic social amenities, created jobs for them, then they wouldn't be scratching their heads and biting their fingers nevously.

Then they wouldn't think he's been delusional. Surely they wouldn't think he's a fool and has no clue about all the dirty thricks they've been doing all this time.

A voter had once asked this question:
What do they take us for?
Don't forget the guy managed to escape from Chireponi. He'd been bussed from Kpungrugu to Kumasi and found his way to the capital city.

He'd experimented the thing---the strong stuff that smells like Lucifer's 'Tawa' tobacco.

Also he'd managed to doodle and learned to read, albeit with much impediment.

The only thing he probably hadn't tried his hands on before the D-Day, was writing a test or exam on the subject--- Government.

But he would soon understudy those that chart the political discourse. He would learn from philosophers like Socrates. He would soon aclimatise himself with all the politics and the politricks.

In Accra, DC, Abuja or any other administrative capitals across the globe it smells different. The atmosphere is often saturated with power, arrogance, narcissism and ego. It smells much stronger in the capital because you get to see them , feel them, smell them and if you're lucky even touch them.

On the 24th of June 2019 a group of students from BimbaguNhanhan were writing an examination on Government subject.

The examiner's question was:
What is government?
I'm not sure if this was BECE or WAESSEC.
And this was the answer or the response one of the students gave:

"Government is a group of people living in Accra chopping plenty money, buying expensive cars for themselves and their wives, sending their children to abroad for schooling, sending their girl friends to Dubai for shopping, sending their families to India for treatment, constructing nice and tall houses, while living the voterix somewhere like kpumgrugu, Najong, bimbaguNhanhan."

Sounds funny but the author of the above corrupted literary work couldn't state it better.

I think those in power had better take their umbrellas because the clouds are gathering momentum.

The ruled has gotten the clue now. They no longer need definitions from great minds such as Aristotle, Dicey to understand the totality of the political game.

On that note I think the game is on and the players must be careful.

Gordon Offin-Amaniampong
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