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30.01.2006 CPP News

Two groups ask CPP leadership to resign

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Accra, Jan. 30, GNA - The Tertiary Students Charter of the Convention People's Party (TESCHART) and the Tamale Youth Wing of the Party have in separate statements described the current Leadership of the Party as a failure and unable to help the youth in the Party to mobilise and advance their fortunes.

The students expressed its disagreement over the expulsion or possible expulsion of its three Members of Parliament.

A statement signed by Grancis Gyan Nwiah, Chairman of TESCHART in Accra on Monday, urged the present leadership under Dr Edmund Delle to step down honourably, "as Mr Mike Eghan has done."

The CPP Youth Group of Tamale in their statement signed by Mr Kwame Mutala and Mohammed Awal, Chairman and Secretary, respectively, also expressed displeasure at the act and conduct of the Central Committee towards the Party's three Members of Parliament.

"It is unfortunate that such an action is taken by this organ because the Party's constitution does not warrant them such a mandate, though Article 48 (a) of the Constitution places them as the supreme administrative organ."

The two bodies called for a vibrant leadership ready to do things that would raise the Party.

They also called for an early congress to elect a new crop of leadership capable of making the Party to win Election 2008.

"We want elections from the grassroots, preferably, unit, regional, constituency and national elections. The leadership of the Party should operate in consonance with the youth wing, especially the tertiary institution wing."

TESCHART noted that the activities of the three Members in Parliament should be lauded to endear them to the hearts of the youth in the Party for others to join in.

"Although we are in agreement to the ideologies of Nkrumah, ... people do not just join organisation, there must be something which attracts them to the ideals. The "gang of three" so called in Parliament are the attractive force for the youth and many Ghanaians."