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30.06.2019 Feature Article

The Underground Man - Part 24

The Underground Man - Part 24

The moment the brother was in Africa The Sister systematically started the long planed attack on her brother. All of a sudden she claimed her brother had stolen money from his mother´s bank account known by bank statements found in her mother´s apartment that this was never the case, simply fabricated. She refused intentionally to accept that indeed the money was as a guarantee invested as trustees by him and his ex-wife in a bank account that the two had set up years before in both names. Government Bonds would have made it possible to be transformed into cash at the shortest possible time with interest to secure the cash flow of their mother´s finances. The Sister was holding all evidence speaking against her own allegations blasted out against her brother in her own hands. She knew that his opportunity was one in a life time chance to separate the son from the mother knowing about the potential risk when doing so, the mother would be scared to death and pass on. She joined hands with her brother´s ex-wife never known before to attack the brother from different angles together.

Relatives had much speculated as to why the brother would not show up at his mother’s funeral and had seen it as a clear sign to admit to all charges hold against him. The truth of the matter is completely the opposite. As he sees these two evil women as the murderers of his late mother facing them at the funeral would have meant for him to have beaten them bloody into hospital. The other relatives in attendance would have called the police, he would have been arrested and dealt wit accordingly. He wanted to avoid this bloody scene not honoring his mother left behind.

The Sister spread false news about her own brother around, that he had entered Africa with a sixty instead of factual ninety day visa, that we was seen in Levante House in Hamburg City Center by a reliable source among Africans the weekend his mother had passed on while in fact he had moved from one Hotel to another, that he had certainly never gotten an offer in London over USD four Million for his projects Der Deutsche Michel Corp. while in fact he had always told the truth, an investment into his project ideas , that one month after his mother’s death he would be hiding under cover in Germany while in fact it had taken several years that God had protected him from the evil persons chasing after him in Africa, that three arrests warrant would make it difficult for the brother to return, while indeed the day he returned no problems were seen at Hamburg Airport and he never ever got arrested or faced any problems his sister had mentioned and hold against him, simply bluffs to scare him off. She was never able to present any evidence for her claims. But she was holding all documents stolen form him while he was away in her hands. Even when she was asked to hand all documents to a friend of the brother, she rather had called off the agreed meeting. Officially she proclaimed to keep all his documents hostage to blackmail him until her mother`s money was returned, while by the documents she kept in her procession she very well knew about the innocence of the brother that needed a second signature of his ex-wife, her collaborator to destroy the brother. Instead of helping her brother to uncover the truth of the money invested in Government Bonds safely under the name of two now divorced people, she laughed about the naivety of her brother not foreseeing that his former wife is an evil Judas that had the intention to cover up her sins and pain caused to so many people and put the blame on her ex-husband for all of it.

The Sister has claimed the brother had not paid his part of the funeral costs for the burial of their mother. He is quite rightly arguing the money was always in Germany in Government Bonds and if she would have wanted, could have been in her hands at any time. She never filed a court case against her brother knowing she has no case to succeed in court. The Sister she at one point had been willing to release the documents stolen from him finally but never presented any evidence to that effect. In any case she had the phone number of the brother´s friend that had been mandated to welcome the documents and keep for the brother with him, the one she once had called off not to come to the old apartment he and is Ex had occupied together. Even if she would have lost his phone number, she and the Ex knew the friend had three restaurants on Reeperbahn in Hamburg and could have contacted the friend there at any time. As this was never her intention and the truth of her mind she instead destroyed all illegally acquired documents, her brother´s University Certificates, his Patents Certificate, thirteen book manuscripts out of which twelve novels and one text book supposed to get published in due course, a work of twenty five years shredded in a few moments, photos, private and business letters…the whole lot a person of his age would have. Looking at the whole picture it becomes obvious, she wanted to destroy her brother´s life, erase, eradicate him from this earth once and for all so that the shame and disgrace she had brought to herself would never appear in the mirror when asking the mirror, who the best child of their mother would be. She herself deep in her heart, knew, her life was a complete failure, not worth living for…abused only by own decisions. By German law inheritance is not only cash, jewelry, property but also documents, paperwork of any kind left behind. The Sister destroyed the bank statements of her mother´s bank account the brother had left behind to make it impossible or harder to prove his innocence as the comparison of these statements with the balance sheets of his ex-wife´s company would have clearly unveiled the truth as he had always claimed.

The real intentions of The Sister finally came to light when her husband, a very stupid, less educated and wicked man wrote to the brother an email in a copy to his wife and step-son, the family wishes him to die in Africa. The Sister´s evil work was only directed to achieve just that, to kill her brother and put all her same and disgrace on him, let us be clear about it. His Prophets and Pastors in Africa told him never to meet his sister again alone as her intentions would be to kill him once she would get a hold of him. The brother told me he will fight until she dies, that the issue between both is not who is winning, but who dies first.

On his return, years later, his wife in an email stretched out her hand offering to settle all differences in a professional way in court proceedings with no hate. The Sister´s response was to send an CID Criminal Report for defamation out against her brother claiming he had written about her to be a drug addict. He had never done that only mentioned of he would give her one Million Euros, she would spend it on a house, cars, furniture and holidays, while he would buy a company and over time from the profit buy all he dreamt of. She never wanted peace. The daughter of the Sister contacted the uncle via Facebook messenger first insulting him for what he was standing for , then asking for a meeting to solve the matter. He agreed and gave her his contact details…but she never contacted him again.

This short story, a story of so many in this world in one form or the other, shows so clear and obvious that Psalm 37 is true, that the wicked strong people in this world trying to kill the innocent once, his Saints…God´s Saints, will be protected by him until their victory is certain, a victory to stay and forever. In their darkest of days, God will not abandon his Saints, but protect them and feed them and guide them through the valley for darkness. The wicked, dangerous people instead will be no more heard and seen off, will disappear, their voices silenced. Where is The Sister´s loud voice now, the stupid husband asking for the death of a man he personally saw only for three seconds in all his life, and the children of The Sister insulting the brother very well…all are in hiding, nowhere to be seen, their voices silenced by the truth shown. That evil witch is no more making any noise defeated by God…Amen.”

Early morning on Easter Monday at the beach of Wittenbergen in the West of Hamburg. River Elbe floating along. Quietness all around. Life seemed to have come to a standstill taking a deep breath before the masses would maneuver their cars again around on the small car park and back and forth. Morning mist had disappeared, the sun was about to take center stage once more.

Anna standing below the Light House painted in red and white looked towards Blankenese and over to Airbus Industries in Finkenwerder in the far distance. The sand beneath her feet was refreshing cold. She carried her sandals in her left hand. Unable to sleep for long had she taken the first train of the da to reach at her short-holidays making place. Whenever she had felt the need to clear her mind and forget about the sights and sounds of her noisy mind, Wittenbergen was the place to come to. For hours was she able to sit on the sand and look over to the other side of the river watching ships carrying their cargo from one place to the next. She focused her mind on the quite side of life, the daily routine, so stable, so comforting, so well known. Not like her heart pushing her to the limit to see and understand, to analyses and speak out her mind, no ideas that needed urgent implementation, no need to expose stupid people in power, no need to shake ignorant citizen that would not see the future coming.

The day before discussion about tax increase for wealthy people were hitting like cancer the airwaves. She had asked herself how someone becomes rich? She had come to the conclusion it is by being self-employed, by having an idea for a product or service and offer it to people that would have an interest in such things. The profit made would make someone rich, above others…and not by complaining about others that have made it in life. It came to her that ideas are the results of a thinking process and thinking in any society was for free and unrestricted, especially in the world of people that complain about inequality in income and status. Anna further had discovered the day before to get access to ideas is open for anyone that can think and think well in the right direction. With hard work, positioning someone´s self with carrying a magnet of the idea thought off, money will locate a person one day as money is floating around the world that needs an idea. Rich people never create great projects, have no inventive idea. While poop people out of need to survive and will a good life wanted, pull all their energy together and think and work hard. The life of such people might be hard, but when understood and seen right, is a source of greatness and riches. It is not a matter of luck, it is a matter of constant hard work in oneself to make it over time…and believe in the success. Some people pray for success, once it knocks on the door, they are scared and close the door again. No one gets born to be rich or a hero, it is a process that makes someone rich and a hero. Many people are talented but lazy and ignorant, failing in their mandate. God gives all of us the tools needed to make it in life and fulfill our role on earth made for.

“Isn´t is a shame?” was Anna hearing a deep voice from behind. “Look at that! Shameful!”

…to be continued

Karl-Heinz Heerde
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