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30.06.2019 Feature Article

The Underground Man - Part 23

The Underground Man - Part 23

Detlef answered: “Most certainly…for sure. Human life without independence in thinking is bringing mankind in the mess we are in right now!”

Anna needed clarification: “How? What exactly do you mean?”

“Our time is determined by people, our elite and especially our politicians, to do things anyhow. Each months a new problem from somewhere in the world pops up and we must face it with short-term answers. Look around the world today…it is simply a big, big mess. Countries try to survive, others use their historic power given for few generations to stay afloat and be meaningful and creative. Look further down the world`s runway and you get most disappointed as all we currently do is to life on the surface of life away from our roots. As Germans for example we used to be called `The country of Poets and Thinkers`. Look around in Germany today and cry over our country very well. People an there stupid, meaningless life style gets surfaced on and on in the media. People applaud such creatures to make them Millionaires that have no sense, not life style to learn from, wasting space and air to breath. The moment serious problems, again only a handful not wise people emerge to voice their concerns and take the lead before shortly after submerging again into history book on page shame and disgrace. We all around the world have set our lives away from the real basic issues of human life and development. We fly to the moon and mars, operate at the open heart…but leave no space in us for the basics of our own lives. We seem to be too busy with our own lives and the fast pace the world as a whole is moving around and around. In times past from time to time big concepts saw the light of the day, concepts to shake mankind in a good or bad way, a guiding line for generations to work on and for. But today we live anyhow, form one problem to the next. Democracies that dominate our countries come up with short lived solutions valid as long as strong politicians are in power before countries are left alone to people with no sense at all surviving in high places only by the momentum created before the cushion their time in office. That is very concerning…that we no longer are guided by a big, a giant concept of humanity that will benefit generations to come and work as a framework in which we can manage the daily problems we are faced with.”

“You mean, as we lack such a new concept of humanity we are left to the chance and basically live anyhow?” asked Anna thinking and thinking.

“Our problems of today are homemade”, replied Detlef with a wise look, “and can only move humanity to its next level when we come to understand and accept, chasing after problems on a monthly basis with our short styled mind will not benefit us. Especially us Germans gifted with the potential capacity to think and think well, unfortunately have lost the momentum to think well for our new future. And other countries are also not able to provide humanity with a great new concept that we need urgently.”

“You do not see anyone…anywhere?” asked Anna being most concerned.

“I believe in God and as a believer I know God is always preparing in the darkness people that will emerge one set time eventually and lead all of us. It is only for God to know of such persons for now!” answered Detlef holding Anna`s hands to keep her warm and comfortable. Both played under the stars saying nothing at all. It was quiet all around. The wind had stopped blowing. Trees around reflected their shapes on the water`s surface.

“I came here all for the only reason to look for freedom. Freedom is the necessary tool we all need and deserve to think for ourselves, decide for ourselves and our own life. I wanted to see, hear and fell around and inside me where to find that thing we and I could possibly call freedom. Without being touched by others physically, emotionally and spiritually no human can ever exist. We are shaped and shaken by others, so it is the vital question yet to be answered, as many parts of us are from other people in us how as thinking and matured adults it is possible to find and live absolutely freedom we honestly and truly need to live our own purest identity? As we need to leave all behind that destructs us from being our true self and not a reflection of any other person around us…I mean, can this ever be possible and if so, if only part of it…what does it take to get as close to our absolute freedom as even possible?”

Anna closed her eyes surprising any disturbing thoughts in her mind. She emptied her soul to be ready to receive the unknown. Detlef looked at her. He gave her space and time to be all by herself. Only few hours left before the sun would rise again to give light onto people´s lives.

Out of nowhere saw Anna Hamburg Harbor. Walking around the port her inner eyes rested on a spot in the Harbor located aside the hustle and bustle of daily work to offload containers after containers. Anna saw Detlef standing facing a giant poster three hundred meters in front of him stacked to one of the cocoa beans storage facilities. She saw that an old couple walking their little white dog observed the scene. Detlef did not for a second turn away his eyes from the poster showing a young beautiful lady topless standing on a beach like in paradise. Her right arm was leaning on a table. On that table was a silver plat with raw bloody red meet, a glass of wine, red as well and a jar with red wine. All of a sudden Detlef started to run towards the poster. Then he broke down…dead… before the brick wall. His head had hit the bikini slip between the lady´s legs, had the form of the size of a new born baby. Anna grasped for a deep breath.

“Nnewi know!”
“What do you know?” sked Detlef with wide opened eyes.

“In our mother`s womb we humans are completely depending on our mother, another person than us, When we leave our mother´s womb we see the wide open space of the world and time, see how the corners of are left behind us. But again we are touched by midwives, nurses, relatives and doctors putting all their marks on our soul and mind. Only blitz seconds in our mind allow us to see absolute freedom…but in fact we cannot see it as our understanding of life has not yet matured…so our eyes to know are not yet there…and so we cannot see what actually was for heavenly blitz seconds before us. As adults we cannot go back into our mother’s womb, physically impossible, but also our mind has been corrupted, by that we know of life. Innocence is no longer part of us when we begin to understand life. Absolute freedom cannot be understood only be seen. In other words we humans are mandate to find the truth about our existence, once we are near the truth, we destroy it.”

“Tragic!” commented Detlef.
Anna paused for a few seconds before responding:” I do not think so, as this unsolved mystery in our lives makes us struggle to bring out the best in us. If we would truly be complete and knowledgeable about our lives, we could sit down and rest.”

Fish Market in Hamburg was always for early birds only. Starting at half past five each Sunday, the old tradition attracted locals and tourists alike. During warm seasons all vendors as far as Holland would turn up and sell fish, fruits, vegetables and cakes, coffee, souvenirs, shirts, bee wax, sweets and plants all along the banks of River Elbe, an artificial arm of the original Elbe created to overcome the blockage of the waterways by the Danish occupants of Schleswig and Holstein avoiding having to pay custom duties by the traders to the Danish King. The center of the Fish Market was a brick and glass building once used as an auction house for fresh fish, now hosting an entertainment facility with restaurants. Bands played music for free and people got up to dance to popular songs. Sitting on long wooden benches and tables, all had a good time always.

Locals knew the best bargain to make was at half past nine in the morning when a voice recorded years back loud sound over the areal through loudspeakers announcing the end of trading time asking the traders to pack their bags and leave while wishing the visitors a blessed Sunday and hoping to see them next Sunday again. Tourists not knowing the rules and regulations of the place constantly made the traders happy by buying at the wrong time at a much higher price than the locals would go home with. The electric atmosphere of Hamburg Fish Market was making tourists from Germany and foreign countries unaware that the food items offered were seen as cheap and a great bargain, were in fact left overs that could no longer be sold to supermarkets around.

“Darling, look over there, the big cruise liner seems to be here for repair in that dock over there”, pointed a blond young lady from around Stuttgart coming to her husband.

“Oh yes, that is very interesting”, did the husband respond eating his banana. “Hamburg is really an interesting place to visit.”

Anna stood next to the couple and kept her mouth shut, She was waiting for the right moment to strike and buy the fruits and vegetable she had checked out few minutes before. Not everything that was on her list would she finally buy as some offers were too bad.

Looking over her left shoulder she could see the old submarine ready for visitors to have a look inside. An old fisherman smoking his pipe stood next to the couple. He smiled when hearing them discussing the ship yard situation. Turning around he greeted them. Dieter was his name that is how he introduced himself. The couple started to be interested to hear what the old Hamburger had to tell them. Some decades ago in the eighties of last century Hamburg had faced a dramatic change of its economy. Adolf Hitler had made Hamburg Port great Harbor to build ships to go to war and for commercial purposes. The time came South-Korea entered the world stage and offered commercial vessels too cheap to compete with. Thousands of workers got laid off. While Dieter enjoyed the smoke of his pipe with concerned looks was he wondering that South-Korea, Singapore, Taiwan and Malaysia having had the same conditions like Africa after the last war but not so much blessed with natural resources was still far behind these countries…far behind. Countries that with thinking, thinking, discipline and hard work had established an economy in competition to the once in Europe. He expressed his worries the time would come societies like his would one day no longer willing to support Africa with money or loans and that the mood would shift against the Black Man and the atmosphere would be poisoned.

“What to do?” asked the man from around Stuttgart area.

“When it is clear to a mind with sense that a certain development cannot be stopped, it is always an act of wisdom to change someone´s mind and find the optimum new attitude towards the new way.”

“We do not quite understand what you are referring to”, said the blond woman and finished her ice-cream, “but we guess what you are saying makes sense…somehow.”

They wished each other a joyful and blessed Sunday.

Pastor Sven Lundius from Saint Gabriel Church at Hartzlohpatz reminded his congregation of yesterday´s party of the local community on a sunny Sunday morning, Trinitatis. He had shaved his grey hair to bring it back to form, nice and presentable before the small crowd gathered, mostly old folks with walking aid.

“Let me today give you evidence that my favorite Psalm, Psalm 37is real in our days. I use the story of one of our members here and his evil sister that you might already have heard off by now. To protect her identity still, let me only call her `The Sister` for short, a woman that had dedicated her life into the hands of the devil very early in her life. Later she would go for rituals seeing fortune tellers and laying cards herself. Her character was dedicated to enjoying the best parts of life and wish for an easy life in general with fun in all corners. She had wished to be rich and famous. It had never come to her mind to set off to a higher level as she was on dedication and hard work in close collaboration with endurance and patience not interested. As we no longer live in the Garden of Eden no milk and honey comes to our open mouth all by itself. She has a brother one year younger than herself, very creative, hardworking and intelligent, always focused on higher levels set before him, from level to level. She had discovered from early age what her brother one day would be capable to achieve. The brother was in his late thirties when she asked him in a phone conversation to take his own life, to commit suicide, as he would be a burden to the entire family. The brother had been shocked hearing evil words from his own sister´s mouth feeling and being completely innocent of any wrong doings. Asking her back by what she had meant really, The Sister said how it would happen she would not know, only that is should happen. Both never had anything in common only their mother to care for stood between them.

The time came, The Sister finally got her chance to destroy her brother and shatter his name, scatter it all over the place…at least, that is was she hoped for to accomplish. The brother left the country for Africa as a way out of his failed marriage, once married to a Judas. Being far away The Sister started to take control over her mother´s mind and told her lies about her son. The Sister extended her destruction campaign to business partners and friends of the brother.

Half a year before the brother had left for Africa he had refused to continue managing his mother’s finances as she had not listen to his advice when she had opted for a TV chair but had asked the evil daughter to handle her wish. To the son still she had always complained the daughter would only visit her once or twice a year if she had felt like doing so and needed a destination for her motorbike to take it out for a ride. As The Sister had total control of her mother´s finances and was in procession of the bank card to the account her mother had owned, The Sister had paid for all her mother´s expenses out of that bank account knowing the situation of the status of mother´s money very well. For that her brother had left all bank statements behind for anyone interested to see right in front of his mother in her one room apartment in the home for old people in Mümmelmannsberg. The mother had suffered from a light form of Parkinson and Dementia, was very fragile and anxious to death always. The brother had worked on the bank account before without the need to consult The Sister in anyway as no need was given.

The time came after six months The Sister had total control over her mother´s finances, the mother would ask the brother to take control again over her finances, only eight weeks before he was due to depart for Africa. After she had promised to him no longer to make a decision behind his back, he had agreed to continue his work. The moment he had got hold of the bank card again, he was shocked. His own sister had allowed the home of his mother to take money away from her bank account without any good and legal reasons. Right away had the brother instructed the bank to return the money, so they had done. The home even had wanted to take him to court over it but in the end nothing ever happened.

….to be continued

Karl-Heinz Heerde
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