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30.06.2019 Feature Article

The Underground Man - Part 22

The Underground Man - Part 22
LISTEN JUN 30, 2019

“Amen”, applauded Detlef sitting upright. As the night got cooler and more lights turned off in the Kibbutz, he as well covered himself with a light blanket from his room that he shared with a young fellow from Bern in Switzerland.

“Amen and Amen”, repeated Detlef with affection towards his Hamburg friend. His mind went back to three days ago when their hosts had searched all the rooms of the foreign volunteers looking for missing blankets. In his room they had found a small smoke granate and alarm had been raised. His Swiss friend had found the granate in one of the tank ditches and decided to take it back to his country as a souvenir. He had been certain the granate had no longer been active. While he Israelis had been on high alert, he had downplayed their concerns and anger by portraying himself as an innocent and naïve young fellow with absolutely no bad and wrong intentions. He had been asked to leave the Kibbutz and was due to depart the next day.

“Life is too short to see all in this world…and can be even cut off by others easily when not vigilant about what is going on here…and close to you”, remembered Detlef seeing his roommate still before his eyes throwing the functioning smoke granate all around the room like a tennis ball. “Is it by grace or by our own mind or a combination of it that someone makes it to old age over time? That is what I ask myself very often!”

“When someone tries to pressure you to smoke or drink alcohol or take to drugs…it is always someone´s own decision to give in the pressure or not…and nobody else’s`. For me no one is able to take away my sense that makes me the master of myself…and instead takes over part of myself. Whenever this should happen I will fight to take my place in life, a place that I deserve”, mentioned Anna hiding herself well under the protective blanket. “Far too many people listen to other people´s advice and instructions that are only intended to keep such people in line on their own level. As when someone decides to step out and up the ranks of life, they feel abundant and betrayed, ashamed not having taken a bold move by themselves to make it. Jealousy kills so many people…thousands of them each year. It therefor takes a great mind to move on and on and on…” .

“On and on”, stepped Detlef in. He looked at his wrist watch realizing midnight was not far. His mind and body were still fresh. Even in a few hours’ time they would have to get up again and pick apples once more. Their hosts had asked few volunteers to go out for work outside their regular working schedule as an extra order had come in.

“To reach at the top needs loneliness”, mentioned Detlef out of the blue.

“That is what I often hear”, agreed Anna looking at her two hands. „It is not so much as to move on in life by using our hands and body. Only pour mind can open doors.”

Detlef did not respond, left his thoughts swimming on the pool water. His eyes followed the tiny little waves the wind caused rushing over the pool.

“Yes, sure…these are the term and conditions that apply to make it in life”, woke Detlef out from his thoughts.

Silence set in. Both rested their minds. The time moved past midnight, yet they did not feel sleepy. Thinking about life at its core how it shapes people and how people move in times of their lives to hear and there, to down and up, to self-determination, to termination by other, to create or be created, was nothing to exhaust but to refresh a mind willing to search and search for the truth in life.

“When I set off to ride my bike through month, places and endless surprising encounters with so different people, do you know what I found?” broke Detlef the silence following the flow of little waves on the pool water.

“Please tell me. I would like to know.”

“We humans are not only basically the same but we also basically all want the same from life. Some wish for a bit of extra, the icing on the cake, yet deep in their hearts even they know at much matured age that only little things for ourselves really matter. The bigger things are only the corner stones for a bigger history.”

“It is nice that you say so, Detlef”, was bringing Anna her reclining sun chair closer to her friend so different from her own walks of life.

“We all want to be ourselves basically but in the end do not know how to achieve it. The vast majority of us can reach freedom from physical and mental as well as spiritual bondage. From childhood onwards we are trained to please people, to be loved and respected by people we care about, should care about or have to care about, be it in our homes, at work places or in the society. By that we basically miss the point. Life, our very personal individual life is all about us to truly and honestly fulfill our mission for which we were born. We breath air, take space on earth and in time, consume endless resources to kame us move around and…it can never be this all is just to please ourselves by having fun or oppressing others, but to do something that can be seen of great value and is an increase of where we have set off in life to make it well from start to finish. It takes constant thinking, not constant smoking or drinking, to reveal life´s matters and the contribution in us to set our stone at the right place. Some people are very fortunate to discover their meaning of their lives at early age, other need much, much longer to find out, possibly by the end of their life-time even, of their greatness. In any case what is very much needed is that we stop the blame game who is responsible for what in our life went wrong but learn to take responsibility for whatever happens over time with and in us. Free will that we humans have to decide for right or left, for right and wrong, lies in our brains, the capacity to decide and move on in which direction ever.”

Anna interrupted him:” You mean independence of thinking is crucial? And mandated?”

…to be continued

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