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29.06.2019 Feature Article

Is Kasapreko's Renewable Energy Deal With Yingli Namene West Africa The Perfect Model For Ghana's Private-Sector?

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Kasapreko's no-upfront-payment model for its solar power deal with the German renewable energy company, Yingli Namene West Africa, and it's funding partner, CrossBoundary Energy, is the perfect solution to high-priced fossil-fuel-powered electricity generated in Ghana.

The question is: Instead of quarrelling endlessly about high electricity charges, should all our nation's political parties not rather encourage President Akufo-Addo's administration to focus on taking all the needed steps (especially, making it a tax-free sector) necessary for ensuring that Ghana is powered by 100% renewable energy with big-battery-storage by 2030?

As a people, let us be more oriented towards finding innovative solutions to the challenges we face, instead of wringing our hands in despair and feeling helpless in the face of what in reality are only temporary difficulties, which are also opportunities for new green and sustainable businesses to evolve, and create jobs for our younger generations, as well as wealth for local entrepreneurs that stays in Ghana, instead of being sent abroad. Kasapreko's renewable energy deal with Yingli Namene West Africa, is the perfect model for making Ghana's private-sector truly competitive. Definitely. Cool.

Kofi Thompson
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